“Breathing in, there is only the present moment. Breathing out, it is a wonderful moment.” —Thich Nhat Hanh
This Morning's Order of Worship
Rev. Frieda Gillespie, Interim Minister
Sam Chandler, Music Director
  • Welcome & Announcements
  • Call to Worship: Being Present
  • Opening Hymn: There's A River Flowing
  • Lighting Our Chalice
  • Time for All Ages: The Pie that Poppy Baked
  • Offering
  • Offertory: You'll Never Walk Alone
  • Morning Message: Mismatched Socks and Mindfulness
  • Joys & Concerns
  • Unison Benediction
Welcome & Announcements
with Joanna Landsman, Board President
Welcome to our virtual worship service this Sunday, May 31st.
Call to Worship
Being Present by Elena Westbrook,
read by Lily O'Brien-Gilbert, Worship Council Member
Opening Hymn
There's A River Flowing, performed by Sam Chandler, Music Director
Lighting Our Chalice
with Joy Ahrens, Worship Council Member
Time for All Ages
The Pie that Poppy Baked with Anna Bianconi, Children's Chapel Teacher
Offering: Our Half-Plate
Estamos Aqui Fund was created by Mano en Mano as a mutual aid fund to support immigrants and farmworkers in Maine with financial challenges associated with COVID-19, especially those who are not eligible for government support right now. Anticipated needs of the people who plant and harvest are food could include housing, utilities, food, and more. Thank you for your generosity!
You'll Never Walk Alone , composed by Rodgers and Hammerstein,
performed by Sam Chandler, Music Director
Morning Message
Mismatched Socks and Mindfulness by Rev. Frieda Gillespie
Joys and Concerns
You now have the opportunity to post your own joys and concerns on our virtual sharing board. Share your own or read what others have to share.
Unison Benediction
with Joy Ahrens, Worship Council Member
Here are the ways you can contact us at First Universalist:

Rev. Frieda Gillespie, Interim Minister flgillespie@gmail.com or call 508-207-7566
* You can contact Rev. Frieda at any time in an emergency. Home office hours are 10 am - 2 pm.
Gwen Matthews, Program Assistant gwenatfirstu@gmail.com
Andrea Meadows, Administrative Assistant office@uuyarmouth.org

Joanna Landsman, President  jslandsman@gmail.com
Jennifer Civiello, Vice-President civielloj@gmail.com
Marge Titcomb, Treasurer mjtbean@aol.com
Sarah Witte, Clerk sarahcoffinwitte@gmail.com
Andrew Tonks andrewftonks@yahoo.com
Nancy Dix nbellehome@aol.com
George Dreher jdreher@maine.rr.com
Stew Guernsey ssguernsey@yahoo.com