"Let us mark how beautiful and complex it can be to mother and be mothered." - Rev. Leah Ongiri
This Morning's Order of Worship
Rev. Hillary Collins-Gilpatrick, Candidating Minister
Sam Chandler, Music Director
  • Welcome & Announcements
  • Prelude: Down in the River
  • Call to Worship: For All the Mothers
  • Opening Music: The River is Flowing
  • Reading: Things I've Heard and Said This Week
  • Lighting Our Chalice
  • Time for All Ages: The Song for the Divine Mother of the Universe
  • Offering
  • Morning Message: Nurture Nature
  • Joys & Concerns
  • Closing Hymn: Meditation on Breathing
  • Closing Words
Welcome & Announcements
with Joanna Landsman, Board President
Welcome to our virtual worship service this Sunday, May 10th.
Down in the River
Call to Worship
For All the Mothers by Rev. Lindasusan Ulrich
with Rev. Hillary Collins-Gilpatrick
Opening Hymn
The River is Flowing
Things I've Heard and Said This Week by Alicia Jo Rabbins
Please mute yourself and listen
Please unmute yourself and speak
Let’s take a moment to breathe
Let’s take turns saying our names
Would you like to hold up your volcano?
Would you like to draw an elephant?

I’m so sorry I thought it was yesterday
I’m so sorry I thought it was tomorrow
How are we doing? Are we OK?
Everybody doing OK?
Here is an amulet to print
And hang above your door

Here an old story about a young woman
Who saved her grandfather by singing
Here is my living room my bedroom
My porch my basement my kitchen
Here are the windows across the street
And the faces behind those windows

When we venture out
We give each other
A wide berth
Like ships in rocky waters
Humbled by the sea
We wave to each other
Through windows and screens
We sing and raise a glass
Simultaneous but not together

Oh my friends my beloved strangers
I never knew our closeness
Until it it was gone
Lighting Our Chalice
with Clara Herman, Junior Youth Group Member
We light our chalice as a symbol of kindness.
May we always remember to be kind:

Kind to ourselves and the people we love,
And also kind to the people who annoy us.

Kind to the earth and the ocean.
And kind to all the trees, flowers, and animals.

Kind to our family,
And on this day, especially kind to our Moms,

For the people in our lives who have helped us to be strong, brave, and kind.
Thank you.

May we always remember to be kind.
Time for All Ages
The Song for the Divine Mother of the Universe ,
performed by Rev. Hillary Collins-Gilpatrick
In the spirit of Gratitude, this week our half plate will go to Cultivating Community, our senior youth group’s planned volunteer mission planned for this summer, but likely cancelled due to the pandemic. Cultivating Community expands access to healthy local food, empowers all ages to restore the local sustainable food systems, and advocates for ecological food production. We offer our half plate in lieu of our youth’s time, and in gratitude for our youth’s redirection of their mission trip earnings to create the Congregant Relief Fund.
Morning Message
Nurture Nature by Rev. Hillary Collins-Gilpatrick
Joys and Concerns
You now have the opportunity to post your own joys and concerns on our virtual sharing board. Share your own or read what others have to share.
Closing Hymn
Hymn #1009 Meditation on Breathing , performed by Sam Chandler
Closing Words
A Benediction by Rev. Hillary
Congregational Meeting
Today, Sunday, May 10, at 12:00 pm on Zoom
A separate email should have already arrived with details on how to access the congregational meeting and how to cast your vote. If you have not received this information, please contact someone from the Board or Search Committee to be sent details.
Here are the ways you can contact us at First Universalist:

Rev. Frieda Gillespie, Interim Minister flgillespie@gmail.com or call 508-207-7566
* You can contact Rev. Frieda at any time in an emergency. Home office hours are 10 am - 2 pm.
Gwen Matthews, Program Assistant gwenatfirstu@gmail.com
Andrea Meadows, Administrative Assistant office@uuyarmouth.org

Joanna Landsman, President  jslandsman@gmail.com
Jennifer Civiello, Vice-President civielloj@gmail.com
Marge Titcomb, Treasurer mjtbean@aol.com
Sarah Witte, Clerk sarahcoffinwitte@gmail.com
Andrew Tonks andrewftonks@yahoo.com
Nancy Dix nbellehome@aol.com
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