Hybrid Worship
10 October 2021 - Access Sunday
Good Morning - Welcome to Hybrid Worship!

We're continuing with a single service at 10:15 am, in the sanctuary, on Zoom, and streaming live to YouTube. While we love our mountain campus, we're also excited to be "breaking out" by using technology to share our core values of justice, inclusion, and spirituality.

Whether you are getting ready to come to the campus or you're preparing to participate online, you are loved!
We Covenant One With Another
Spiritual Formation
Join us for Adult Spiritual Formation by Zoom at 9:00 am or show up in the Shadow Rock Multipurpose Room! Monday is Indigenous Peoples' Day / Columbus Day. What do we do with this day, as people of faith and conscience? Let's talk! Everyone is welcome - come prepared to experience and evolve!


Greeting and Announcements
No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here!

Get ready to share celebrations and prayer requests. Zoom worshippers can use the chat function anytime. All congregants can text today's worship leader, Michael Curry, at 623-570-5656. In-person worshipers can also write a card with their celebration or prayer concern.

For All Things Shadow Rock, check out our weekly e-newsletter, Rock the Week. If you're not getting Rock the Week, email the church staff to subscribe.

Invitation to Worship
One: We gather in the name of our God.
All: The Disabled and Differently-abled God, the God of Access, the God of Interdependence, the God whose Differences are Holy.
One: How shall we worship this God?
All: With sound and with silence, with raised hands and with stillness, with words spoken and unspoken, with deep thought and the inner movements of our souls.
One: With every limit and ability of our bodies and minds, we will worship God.
All: Praise be to God.

Singing Our Faith - "We Are the Family"

Opening Prayer - Commissioned Minister Gordon Street

Celebrations and Prayer Concerns

Celebration Song - "Soar Like an Eagle"
Perceiving and Responding
Pastoral Prayer

Prayer Response
"Servant Song"

Stewardship Moment and Offertory
Thank you for your faithful support for Shadow Rock's ministries of care. Our ultimate stewardship is our care for each other.
Balancing Word and Deed
Word About Life for Today ~ One Step at a Time
Michael Curry, Lay Minister for Disability Education, Advocacy, and Awareness

Sending Forth
One: We go out into the world as God’s beloved people, bringing Holy Love to all whom we meet. 
All: We will embody Christ by shattering stigma and welcoming all, leaving no one outside. 
One: These are the times!
All: We are the people!
One: All of creation is blessed. 
All: May we love all and serve all. 
One: May God be with you. 
All: And also with you. 
One: Amen. 
All: Amen. 

Our sending forth comes to us this morning from the Rev. Dr. Rachael Keefe from Radical Belonging: A Mental Health Sunday Resource for All

Instrumental Postlude ~ "Joy to the World"