Since the mandates of late Summer 2020 all policies regarding the COVID crisis have been consistent on both Faith campuses. With the school year ending after our graduation service on Friday evening May 28, and the movement from mandates to recommendations being declared by the Governor of Illinois, beginning with the two Sunday morning services on May 30 THREE encouraging changes will occur on our Faith campuses.

FIRST, to accommodate those who still desire to distance themselves from others, portions of our seating for worship will remain socially distanced for the foreseeable future. However, more than half of the seating for worship will return to the “normal” seating pattern. This will now accommodate just a bit more than 60% of “normal” capacity for worship seating. This enables our SECOND change. The Thursday (Summer Evening Worship) and Friday (Faith School Graduation) services will be the final services for which a reservation will be necessary.

The THIRD change, at this time, pertains to masks. Faith will no longer be “policing” mask wearing on our campuses beginning Sunday morning May 30. The Governor’s adjustments to previous mandates now allow for the fully vaccinated to be freed from their masks in most settings. Everyone not fully vaccinated is recommended to follow whatever current guidance is in place from the CDC regarding mask wearing. From Sunday morning forward in time we leave all decisions regarding mask wearing to each individual as their knowledge and conscience dictate. We would ask, though, that if you are no longer wearing a mask you please refrain from sitting in all worship areas that are still marked for social distancing.

Most of all the other COVID related worship accommodations remain in place (approach to worship folders, sacrament distribution, gathering of offerings, etc.) for the foreseeable future and will be adjusted as current recommendations in place make knowledgeable and wise application possible. These approaches were undertaken equally for social distancing reasons as for other reasons so please be patient with our progression toward “normalcy” while we are still careful to make as many people as possible comfortable participating in worship.

Please join us in prayers of thanksgiving that our Lord has blessed our progression to this point and in supplication for his allowing this crisis to work its way to a conclusion as soon as possible.

See you in worship!