AAJ released a new report yesterday titled  Worst Corporate Conduct of 2017. The report examines high-profile examples of corporate misconduct negatively affecting many of our clients including:
  • Wall Street's push to repeal a rule limiting forced arbitration;
  • Equifax profiting from its massive data breach;
  • Monsanto ghostwriting scientific studies;
  • Takata's cover up of potentially lethal airbags;
  • Massive Fox News sexual harassment payouts; and
  • Drug manufacturers contributing to America's opioid crisis.

These stories and many more are a result of a corporate culture that ratchets up sales quotas and growth goals, incentivizing fraud, unwittingly or not. When corporations put profits before safety, and customer and employee welfare, and the regulatory system proves unable to force change, it falls to the civil justice system to protect consumers and injured parties. Lawsuits have proven to be the most effective, and sometimes the only, mechanism for deterring negligent behavior and exposing corporate misconduct.

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