Newsletter August 2019
How do men and women like Bill go from being a Battle participant to becoming part of the volunteer army that battles for the hearts of incoming participants?
The Leadership Equipping Track

Wellspring Group’s Leadership Equipping Track (LET) offers year-round equipping opportunities for individuals who would like to impact others by volunteering at Battle events. LET participants have the opportunity to participate in additional coaching/equipping calls, attend the annual Leadership Summit, attend retreats at reduced or no cost and connect with other Battle alumni throughout the country. This ongoing involvement has brought significant personal spiritual growth and skill development within our volunteer base.
Since that initial risky leap in 2015, Bill now facilitates Battle events multiple times a year and even volunteers to travel to host these events throughout the country.
“I keep coming back to facilitate because: I am encouraged personally as I see that many men gather for God; the teaching and principles are always refreshing to hear again; the way individual protective strategies begin to break down and authenticity grows; the way heart-connections remain over time; and I find that God always has something just for me at every event.
“Each interaction with the LET process has sustained and supported my progress, as well as propelled me forward.
The intentionality built into the process for covering, mentoring, and giving heart to facilitators and other leader positions is extremely well done.

" My heart has come alive after years of being shut down and self-protected! The process isn’t easy and very often I don’t like the tools God uses to mold and shape me, but I have gained courage to walk as I have people to share the journey with me."
Interested in increasing your impact through the
Leadership Equipping Track (LET)?
Wellspring Group is looking for more men and women to be equipped through the LET so that we can continue to expand and reach the next generation of Wellspring Group participants.
As a participant in the LET you will have the opportunity to:
  • Significantly impact future Battle for the Heart participants as a facilitator and/or speaker
  • Attend future retreats at reduced or no cost
  • Attend the annual Wellspring Group Leadership Summit to further equip Battle alumni and volunteers with the heart and skills of engaging. (see info below)
  • Expand your Christian fellowship through deep and ongoing connection with the most amazing facilitators and speakers on the planet (we’re not even slightly biased)
All Battle For Your Domain Alumni:
We Have An Exciting Opportunity For You!
When: Saturday, November 2 - 8:45 a.m. - 4 p.m. CT.
Where: West End Community Church, Nashville, TN
Cost: $30 which includes lunch and materials.
Free - Battle for the Heart Intro Event
September 29th
Perimeter Church - Johns Creek, GA
3 & 5 Day Silent Retreats
Registration Closing Soon!
5-Day Silent Retreat
Wed., Nov. 13 – Sun., Nov. 17, 2019

3-Day Silent Retreat
Fri., Nov. 15 – Sun., Nov. 17, 2019
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