Working capital can make or break a business

You know that having working capital can make or break your business.

You also know how hard it can be to qualify for a loan, and the hours it takes to do the paperwork.  

That's why we are now offering Quick-Action Short-Term Loans for business owners like you. These Quick-Action Loans cut through the red tape to get the money you need quickly with:
  • An easy pre-qualification process
  • A quick-decision approval process
  • Highly competitive/below market rates that let your money work for you
Call us or email us if you have:
  • Annual revenues of $100,000+
  • An average positive bank balance of $1,000
  • No more than 4 overdrafts per month
  • Made at least 5 bank deposits per month
These loans -  of $10,000 to $50,000 - could help make all the difference for your business.

Please call me now to find out if you qualify.

Best regards,
Leonid Ostrovsky
Director of Lending

p.s. Please feel free to forward this email to any business owners you think might benefit 
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