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July 2014



There is a totally incorrect misconception about Leading Edge Homes out there and I officially want to put an end to it here.  It seems there are past clients of ours that think we only do large jobs - room additions, whole house remodels, etc.


If you are a client of Leading Edge Homes, we want you to be a client for life, so of course we will do small jobs for you.  We recently replaced a worn out folding wooden attic staircase with an aluminum one for an addition client and replaced a bathroom window for a client who had a kitchen remodel done a few years ago.


So, if you want to replace those sticking sliding glass doors that have been driving you crazy with ease to use aluminum French doors -  call us.  If you want the carpet in a bedroom removed and replaced with a laminate floor - call us. 


Please view Leading Edge Homes is your source for completing all sizes of construction projects - stress-free, per the building code, and performed correctly the first time. 


To schedule your construction consultation, please call me now at 561-795-2551.






Todd Perry
Leading Edge Homes, Inc.




Is Your House Going To The Dogs?



More and more homeowners are considering the needs of their pets when building or remodeling a house.  There are a couple of emerging trends.


One of the more popular items is to make a doggie mud room.  It has a dog door to the back or side yard and water-resistant floor covering.  Some even have a dedicated tub or shower for washing off Fido if he/she gets overly dirty outside. Others have a pet couch for the furry friend who likes their private time away from house activity.


In the kitchen, specialized cabinets with low, pull-out shelves for pet bowls and dog food sized drawers are not unusual requests.  Just as chefs like pot fillers by their stoves to make their life easy, many pet owners like the thought of pet bowl fillers with the valve mounted up high and the spout down by the bowl.


I even built a bird room with adjoining outdoor aviary for a client, complete with floor drain, peck-proof walls and cabinetry, and bird specific lighting.


There really is no limit to what people will do to make their pets comfortable and make their life easier at the same time.


Is Your Island An Oasis? 


An island in a kitchen can be the gem of the entire room.  It doesn't have to be just a rectangular box in the center of the space, but rather a highly functional addition that enhances the overall design.


Islands can match the overall design or offer a contrasting design element such as a white island in a natural wood kitchen or vice versa.  Other design elements include shape (rectangle, square, semi-circular, L-shape, etc.) as well as tiered designs which is an island with two or more levels.


Functionally, they provide additional work space, an eating area, storage, and appliance placement (location for a stove, sink, microwave or dishwasher).  Custom islands can also include wine racks, small dining tables attached, a desk and even offer space for plants.


If you don't have enough room in your kitchen for an island, many of the above mentioned features can be incorporated into a space saving pennisula.

Did you know... ?
Starting January 1, 2015 the minimum SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) for a central air conditioning unit is being raised from 13 to 14.  That means that the minimum price for a replacement unit will be going up. 
If you are ready for a new A/C system, the price will never be lower while 13.0 SEER units are still available... but they are going quickly.  Give us a call at 561-795-2551 so we can help save you money.
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