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 2011 - Issue #6   
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Scott 'Q' Marcus headshot

For large parts of my life, I have lived in deserts. I was raised in the San Fernando Valley. Although not what one might consider your stereotypical desert, it used to get plenty hot.


After I graduated from UCLA, my first job was in Palm Springs. I remember my last night before leaving town; it was 117 degrees and there was a thundercloud hanging over the city. Wow, ridiculously hot - and humid to boot.


I left Palm Springs and traveled around the west working at radio stations in Palmdale, CA (when it had only 9,000 people); Redding, CA; Bakersfield, CA; and finally ending up here in the cool foggy climes of the north coast of California.


My first summer in Redding was the most brutal summer I can remember.  It was over 100 degrees for 40 days, over 110 for ten of those, and even pushing 120 on a few. People used to say, "At least it's a dry heat." (You know, so is Hell, but I wouldn't want to live there either.)


Hot as Hell  

Anyway, most of the country recently has found itself in an oven; I feel for you if you're in one of those. However, I think it's making us all a little nuts. We're yelling and screaming at each other. Our tempers are frayed. Even the AttitudeIndex is showing a negative downturn. 


With all that in mind, this issue is hoping to cool us down a little.  

I've tried to pick things up, give us a lighter spirit.  

With that in mind, the main article focuses on my pre-mentioned perception of a collective national  grouchiness. However the blog postings are more light and inspiring with everything from learning from an adopted dog to how to change your attitude from stress to acceptance. Our guest authors provide practical advice in these trying times, and of course, there are the super-popular videos.  

Watch a small child who learned how to ride a bike inspire you. Ellen DeGeneres's very funny and inspirational commencement address is here too, as is a good reminder about the value of time.

Turn on the fan, grab some lemonade, put your feet up, and take a load off. It'll get better - and it starts now.


Treat yourself special.


Scott "Q" Marcus

P.S.  Please   to others who might find the articles and links of interest, and take a moment to answer the four anonymous questions at the AttitudeIndex.

P.P.S. Oh yes, if this time, YOU "really mean it," and want some positive, upbeat coaching and support to change some habits, we've introduced the brand new TTIMI Personal plan. It includes a weekly phone call, monthly conference calls,, weekly motivational emails, suitable-for-framing cards, and unlimited email support. To save $50 and get some cool freebies, click here to go to the special deal at the end of this newsletter. Don't wait. If you start now, you'll be feeling great by fall!
MainArticle"My, But We've Become a Grouchy Lot, Haven't We?

Maybe it's climate change, or the economy; who knows?  


It could be the alignment of the stars for all I know, but we've got our cranky pants hitched on and we're wearing 'em a little too snug around our sensitive parts.  


Okay, maybe YOU are not cranky, but many of us are, and if you won't own it, I will.  


I'm at the supermarket loading up on low-calorie, high-fiber, sugar-free, non-fat, no-taste foods that I force down my gullet in order to keep my weight in check. I really want chocolate, french fries, and chips; but that's not happening, so I'm feeling deprived. Adding insult to injury, I don't have time for this errand, but since my refrigerator resembles an arctic cave, I'm cooling my jets in the check out line. The lady in front of me waits until after the clerk has totaled all her groceries before she takes out her checkbook, enough of a trigger to kick my internal curmudgeon into overdrive...


To find out how to change & read the full post, follow this link . 

videosVideos of the Month
We all like videos and the most popular links in the newsletter are therefore the videos I post. I work on finding videos that are inspirational, educational, and humorous.

Video #1: Motivational Child Bike Rider 

If this child doesn't have a career ahead of him as a motivational speaker, I don't know who does. Get ready to go for your goals!


Video #2: The Value of Time 

A great look at what really matters. It will put things in perspective.


Video #3: Ellen DeGeneres Commencement Speech 

I think Ellen DeGeneres is one of the funniest people on the planet. However, in this case, she's also inspirational. This video has been around a little while but even if you've seen it, it worth watching again. It's ten minutes so it's the longest of the group.


(Note: the videos are not embedded in this email. To view them, click on the picture and they'll take you to a location at my blog where you can view them.)   VOTM1 Motivational Child Bike Rider VOTM2 The Value of Time VOTM3

Ellen DeGeneres Commencement Speech at Tulane University  

By the way, if you have a suggestion for a video for the newsletter, please let me know. Most of the time, that's how I find out about these. 


RecentPostings Recent Postings on the TTIMI Blog

But that's the way it is, isn't it? We make our plans and move forth into the yet to come. We believe we're in control - but it's illusion. Life steers; we are passengers. Whether changing how we eat, seeking mental health, developing relationships, financial planning, or simply adopting a furry friend, the results of our actions cannot always be predicted nor controlled. Read the full post >>>  

Accepting Compliments Helps Avoid Bad Habits

There is a tremendous difference between being proud of what we do and being conceited. Each time we deny a compliment - or beat ourselves up over a mistake - we avoid the opportunity to feel good. That engages our habit and we end up feeling worse, furthering the drive to engage in the habit. Read the full post >>>

Difficult Until it Isn't:
DifficultUntilItIsnt Once You Make Up Your Mind, It All Works

We make the process more difficult than necessary, gunking it up with all manner of artificial mental barriers and obstacles. Instead of accepting what must be done, we lament the process of change; stubbornly hanging on to the ineffective, seeking to finagle my way around what is required. Our thoughts are the problem Read the full post >>>

GuestAuthorsGreat Guest Authors on the TTIMI Blog!

I am always looking for people who write well, provide good content, and are inspirational. Following are a couple posts from some of our guest authors. 


Six Ways to Motivate Yourself Each Day 
Contributor: Cami Hughes 

At the end of the day, staying motivated is up to you. With these six strategies, you can keep yourself motivated to do achieve your dreams.  Read the Full Post >>>

It's Not Too Late: Change Your Inner Voice 
Contributor: Mark Susnow 

There is another voice that is calling us. It can inspire and encourage us and says, "Yes, we can. It's not too late." I call this voice our VIP--our voice of inspiration and praise. It encourages us to dream again. It encourages us to focus on the possibilities in our life, rather than the limitations. It encourages us to embrace change rather than avoid it. It encourages us to see change as opportunity, as adventure and as an exciting journey of discovery. We're reminded that it's not too late. Read the Full Post >>>


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The Four Steps to Improved Communication A Humorous Approach

With Gratitude
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I am also very grateful to YOU dear reader, for allowing me into into your life.

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August 31, 2011


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