Celeste turned to Christian HELP for career coaching after several months of unsuccessfully looking for a job on her own.

Here's her story, in her words, about what your support makes possible.

"I came to CH because I was getting burnt out trying to get a job and not being successful. I felt I had tried everything and had no hope.

Then I heard an announcement on the radio about Christian HELP. It felt like an answer to prayer since I did not know what else I could be doing in my job search. I had been unemployed for most of the last two years and was getting desperate. 

Christian HELP led me through a process to get me on track.

The intake coordinator assigned me to a career coach who took the time to listen to me. My coach gave me valuable tools that helped me understand more about myself. We set up a structured resume and created a work log. My coach taught me the best approaches to expressing my strengths and skills.

The Christian HELP team set aside time for weekly updates on job applications, new suggested job posts, and more! They gave me a massive boost of confidence in this challenging season.

And...I got a job!"

Yes, she recommends Christian HELP's career coaching.

"You will not regret it! You should not wait any longer to get involved and continue your journey with Christian HELP. The amount of resources, support, and encouragement you get alone is a blessing!"

Those resources are only available because of you. Your generosity is what creates stories like Celeste's.
Our thanks to Pastor Andy Searles and Church Together for their years of faithful and generous partnership with Christian HELP.

Pastor Andy told us why Church Together supports us.

"Church Together is proud to support Christian HELP with our time and treasure. As a church, we want to help people find sustainable hand-ups that can rebuild lives, help people understand the value that God has assigned for them, and fulfill God's potential in them. We believe that Christian HELP is one of the best non-profits doing this. Christian HELP is an established, community-based, transformative ministry that God is using in people's lives to help, heal and make hope tangible."  

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One way the hope Pastor Andy talks about becomes tangible is through employment. We believe the best way to prevent homelessness and empower family independence is by having a job. When families are stronger, so is our community.

The Central Florida Employment Council recently held the Orlando Mayor's Job Fair at the Florida Fairgrounds. Nearly 100 companies actively hiring met with hundreds of job seekers in what is regularly one of the biggest job fairs in Central Florida.

Take a look at the hope your prayerful support provided.