Thank you to all who donated to help with our Warner Springs Rescue
We are blown away by the response we have received from our donors to the Warner Springs Rescue. So many of the injured we took in are healing and well on their way to recovery. They thank you from the bottom of their hearts for your kindness.

Here is one of the rabbits that your donations have helped save - meet Tanner!
This sweet and curious boy is our most medically intensive rabbit from the Warner Springs Rescue. He w as covered in bite wounds but our biggest concern was the gaping 1" diameter wound on his back which was severely infected, so Tanner was rushed to emergency care.

At the vet's office
Then bravely sporting his cone of shame while on his way to his new foster home

Tanner is now in foster care where his wet-dry bandage is changed daily and he receives 3 different medications to help with the pain and to prevent the infection from returning.

We think he's looking pretty happy now, wouldn't you agree?!
What's Next?

In our initial rescue we were able to take in 41 rabbits and babies, but that still meant leaving behind almost 42 rabbits! While space and resources are stretched thin at the shelter, we are committed to saving each and every bunny from Warner Springs because they are living in conditions that no domestic rabbit should live in.
  • Injuries are occurring every day.
  • There are still rabbits needing medical attention.
  • We continue to run the risk of the population multiplying as the rabbits remain unaltered.
Because of YOUR donations, last Thursday we were able to rescue an additional 11 adults and 7 babies. As funding and other resources allow, we also plan to rescue the 26 rabbits that still remain on the Warner Springs site.

Our August 18th Rescue
If you have already donated, we thank you for your generous support!

If you have yet to give, NOW is the time. Your gift will help us save a grand total of 83 rabbits!

We estimate this entire rescue will cost $18,000 in medical care and spays and neuters. Please help if you can, or if you're not in a position to give at this moment, forward this to a friend and help us spread the word.
Show your support now, and donate whatever fits your budget!
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Thank you for helping in the rescue of 83 rabbits!


Karen, Patricia and Jennifer

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