New NBS High School Principal Named
Aziz Banna
Aziz began his role as High School Principal of Nazareth Baptist School at the onset of the 2019-20 school year. He holds a degree in Hebrew and Arab Literature from Haifa University. His work experience includes eighteen years of teaching high school, tour guiding and serving as a translator. He teaches Hebrew at NBS as well as serving as the Principal.

Aziz is married to Heba and has a daughter, Sama, who is four years old.

Welcome to the team, Aziz! 
Friends of Nazareth and NBS Contribute about $700,000 to Campus Improvements

1...The new computer lab which is housed in part of the former library is nearing completion. Students will be able to conduct research and access data previously not easily accessible at school.

In just over a year's time, Friends of Nazareth and NBS have teamed to achieve an amazing transformation at the Main Campus as well as to make some much needed improvements in flooring at the Primary School.

Contractors and NBS staff have come together to create improved conditions at the school. These critical and overdue changes have averted serious consequences, such as a potential school closing, potential hazards from lurking safety issues and further damage to the property. The overall environment now is much better for teachers and students alike. Thank you donors !!!

So what are the MAJOR improvements that you, Friends of Nazareth donors, have helped achieve?

  1. The High School building has been re-mediated and is now deemed safe in the event of a 4.0 or higher earthquake. While most of this work is beneath the surface, it was all essential.
  2. The former library has been divided into more usable space, including a new computer laboratory. The library has been moved to a new location.
  3. The Elementary Principal's office has been enlarged to a size greater than a closet!
  4. All of the school's electrical system has been replaced.
  5. Areas damaged by rain have been re-mediated. Mold and mildew issues have been resolved; awnings replaced; structural areas repaired and strengthened; kindergarten playground has been refurbished and made safe for the children.
  6. The Chapel has been updated.
  7. The sewer and water drainage issues in the main courtyard have been repaired and the area has been repainted and additional seating has been added.
  8. The upper courtyard water closets have been stripped and replaced, the courtyard pad has been repaired and a new canopy has been added. This canopy has reduced the temperature of the play area significantly and will enable students to use the area year around.
  9. Countless other projects were completed, as well.
Captions Continued:

2...The improved courtyard on the 4th floor roof area. This area has new restrooms, a revitalized floor and a new canopy to provide shade and protection from the elements.
3...The new kindergarten play area. This area was completely rebuilt for safety. The flooring is made of rubberized materials.
4...Steel bracing has been added to exterior walls. This shows the area prior to final finishing.
5...The Primary School has new classroom floors. For those that have been there, the dangerous peeling floors have been replaced! Hallelujah!
Successful Launch!
After years of prayer and planning, a dream was fulfilled. What was that dream? Begin building students as leaders - give them a twenty year jump on their peers! How could this be done with excellence? The answer quickly became, partner with Dr. Jay Strack and Student Leadership University. Thus, the process of prayer and planning began.

Dr. Jay Strack, Founder and President of Student Leadership University,, and his team, Dr. Brent Crowe (Vice-President) and Emily Pigott (Executive Director), traveled to Israel to lead the first SLU-101, Israel! The conference began on September 20 and ended on September 23, 2019. For four days, ninety-two 8th-12th grade students, five FON team members, seven teachers and leaders from NBS, one FON intern and one NBS graduate met at Meron Golan to learn about Biblical and values-based leadership. The training did not disappoint!

Below you see the students and faculty gathered at modern day Banias (ancient Caesarea Philippi), at the entry way to what was in the time of Jesus known as "The Gates of Hades". The story of Jesus' encounter with Peter here is recorded in Matthew 16:13-19. The students toured the ancient site with Aziz Banna, the HS Principal and licensed tour guide. Upon returning from the tour, they reviewed the Biblical account and learned that Jesus confronted the disciples in this corrupt area about who He was. It is the place where Jesus promised Peter that he would be the father of the Christian movement. This promise was fulfilled in Acts 2.

SLU-101 2020 will be held at Meron Golan, October 23-26.
Dr. Jay Strack, right, with Tyson Lee.
On Sunday afternoon SLU-101 students enjoyed an invigorating ride through the Golan Heights on ATVs. Counselors, teachers, SLU staff and FON team members joined in as well. It was a wonderful team building experience.
Tyson Lee joins the NBS Board
Tyson Lee of Bristol, TN joined the NBS Board on September 26, 2019 to replace the expired term of Dr. Ross O'Brien, Dallas Baptist University. Tyson will serve as the Strategic Liaison for the Board. He will, in this capacity, serve to strengthen FON"s 7 Initiatives that are core to the organization's mission. Tyson has a heart for missions and feels called to serve with FON and NBS.He is passionate about supporting NBS and its capacity for Evangelical Christian education.

Professionally, Tyson is Founder and C0-owner of Axis Wireless LLC. He has extended experience in the wireless arena. Personally, he is married to Emily and has four children ranging from 13-20 years of age.

Tyson will serve as a Board member along side of: Mimi Brookshire, Board President; Chris Underwood, Vice Board President; Brian Hall, Chaplain for the Board; Kaye Turner, Ambassador Laiason; and Sarah Mielke, Educational Partnerships and Corporate Treasurer.
Christmas Bazaar Preparations are Underway!
Teachers, parents and church members have begun their annual preparations for the Annual Christmas Bazaar that will be held in December. The proceeds from the bazaar are designated for Christian care/outreach projects to the needy in Israel, the West Bank or areas where refugees reside. These talented ladies are making Arabic cookies and sweets.
Upcoming Awareness Banquets
You are cordially invited to attend a Friends of Nazareth Awareness Banquet nearby:

October 16, 2019. 6:00PM. Dinner and FON Awareness Presentation. Fellowship Chapel Church, 201 Crockett St, Bristol, VA 24201 . There is no charge for the dinner; however, a financial appeal for Friends of Nazareth will be made.

SOLD OUT! October 17, 2019. 6:00PM. Dinner and FON Awareness Banquet. Stricklin Hotel, Florence, AL .
New Mailing Address
Effectively immediately, please mail donations and correspondence for Dr. Roger Mardis to:

Friends of Nazareth
219 Simpson Street
Florence, AL 35630
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