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Brandon takes a
Nice 169" + on Friday!
His wife Melissa, bags a nice doe!
What a week here at World Class! Brandon and Melissa arrived on Thursday afternoon, Rich took them out to do some scouting. Brandon was looking for something in the 140” range, and Melissa was looking for a doe. After a few hours in the blind, and seeing lots of deer, Melissa was itching to get her doe! So, they decided to try and take the next big doe, and sure enough, after a while, here they come… Melissa made a great shot! Stay tuned for the footage in future emails! So, Rich took the doe & processed her, then they all went for a bite to eat. It had been a long day! Well, Rich didn’t get a lot of sleep that night, as they were going out at 6 on Friday morning, and what a nice morning for a hunt! 45 degrees, and clear, the deer were moving! But, lo and behold those bucks were not responding to any of the calls, or rattles, they were enjoying the warm sun on their backs, and didn’t come close to the blind Brandon was hunting out of. Well, after a while, what is that noise? Whoa! I hear some deer fighting! They couldn’t see them, but some big boys were fighting for turf. After a while, here comes a buck through the woods, how big is he? This looks like around a 160 or so, says Rich, do you want to upgrade, or wait? This was getting on toward noon, and Brandon was itching to get his deer, he knew Owen was planning to give them a buggy ride that evening at the Resort, and he wanted to be able to tell Owen all about the deer! So, he makes a quick decision, I will upgrade! So, here he is with his super nice Crossbow, and this buck simply won’t give him a shot. Finally, Rich says: If you want this buck, you are gonna have to get your gun. By that time the deer was out at close to 40 yards and getting into more brush, so Brandon gets his gun, thank goodness he brought it along! And made a great shot! What and awesome day! They then headed for the skinning shed, and after a while, they went on to the Resort to get some rest. Owen, then showed up with the Horse & Buggy, and took them on an Amish Buggy ride around the Resort. After Dinner with Rich and his wife Evelyn, they all headed to Owen & Ada’s house, what an enjoyable evening around the fire! Brandon and Melissa, this is what it’s about, we thoroughly enjoyed your company! Keep on keeping on! Stay tuned for the video of these hunts! Brandon is already talking about next years hunt! We look forward to seeing you then!

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Another Hunt, Just yesterday!!

WOW! Just Wow! Ed from Tennessee takes a 390" Trophy!
What a way to start October! Ed from Tennessee arrived a day early, on Sunday Oct. 1 st, as he wanted to get out bright and early on Monday to find him a Trophy! Ed brought some of his family along, and they are staying an extra day to do some shopping! This is the area of more than 30,000 Amish, and therefore more than 4 million visitors come through here every year, for the Scenery, the Furniture, and the Food! Oh! and Monster Whitetails! So, anyhow, Matt and Ed get in the stand early, and again we have a chilly 45 degrees, so they started seeing some deer soon after daylight, and Ed’s finger starts getting a little twitchy! But Matt assures him that there will be more deer to choose from, and that he wants him to make a good decision based on all the big bucks we have seen roaming the ranch. So, around noon Matt is still looking for the buck he thinks Ed would fall in love with… And sure enough, around 3:00pm they spot him; now, this may just be the biggest buck on the ranch! Let’s try and stalk him they decide, and so as they are trying to sneak up on Mega, they did not see the smaller buck bedded between them and Mega, so they are walking along, keeping quiet, and poof! There goes a nice 12 pointer, and lo and behold Mega jumps up and runs with him, and off they go! Gone! What now? Well, Matt feels they have a chance of him coming back thru later today, so they decide to wait it out at another blind. Well, at 4pm, still no sign of him, so they had Rich out searching for him as well, they thought he had headed East. Rich seen some other bucks, but no sign of Mega… Finally, they decided to give it up for the day, when one of them sees some movement, and so they put the scope on him, and sure enough he had bedded down in some brush not 150 yards from their blind while they were out to lunch!. Well, Ed didn’t take long, he made an awesome shot, and we’re not sure was Ed shaking more, or Matt… What a great day! Great job Matt, and what an Awesome Buck for Ed!

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