MAY 27, 2020
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Jaime Marco
If I only had a brain...
Over the last 11 weeks many of us have distanced ourselves from others and have been adapting to our "new" routines for work, school, life, socialization, fitness, and so much more. Trying to balance it all, on top of the roller coaster of emotions we have all been feeling, can have an impact on us mentally, and our ability to focus. Perhaps that's why we found this article by BuzzFeed all too familiar. Anyone else feel like they have lost their brain on some days? Just know you are not alone. It's ok to be a scarecrow every now and then.

3 minutes of your week you will not regret.

Nintendo. Oprah Winfrey Show. Space Shuttle Challenger. Mike Tyson. Top Gun. Magnum P.I. P.C. Convertible. Hands Across America. Jem. She-Ra.

These are just a few of the many iconic moments, people, shows and movies from 1986. If you are like us, just reading those words brings back so many mixed emotions and memories. That's why we highly recommend you take 3 minutes out of your week and tune in for this epic, funky, mash-up.
Let's take a look at your little finger...
Over the years we have encountered multiple different online personality tests and quizzes that help identify our "real personality." Additionally, here at Evolve, we have a course that we offer that focuses on behavior styles. We truly believe that the more you know about the WHY behind the WHAT people do, the more you can build even healthier relationships. While it's not always easy to "spot" a certain behavior style in someone, we saw this fun little trick online and thought we'd share. How accurate is it for you?
Talk about turning lemons into lemonade.
Do you know someone who needs to know how to tie a tie? Shave their face? Iron a shirt? While these are just a few of the essential skills in life that need some guidance, the real story here is who is guiding you. As soon as we saw this story we knew it was a MUST post for us. Not only because of the amazing T-shirt we saw in the videos, but because of the inspiring message it teaches others and how impressed we were with the video content. Read more here.
Does the Coronavirus have you over indulging?
If we had a dollar for every meme, post, GIF out there that talked about the weight people are putting on from snacking all day, well we would be very wealthy.

While we know that during stressful times people can tend to over eat, nothing was cuter to us than these unusual suspects who seem to BEE over indulging themselves as well. Read more here.
It's time to make yourself a hot drink and settle in...
Have you ever dreamed of flying to London to take in one of their many iconic shows ?

Well, now you can experience it all in the comfort of your home. Starting June 5, the first theater to launch this new streaming initiative will be the Old Vic Theatre.

The Old Vic is a 1,000-seat, not-for-profit theatre, located in London, England.
Game on!
One of the things we have heard from people is that they are "bored" of being at home and are really longing for some human connection. Well, we came across a few possible solutions. If you are social distancing or are looking for some fun to play with far-away family and friends, here are a few options that might help.

The HOUSEparty app allows you to interact and play myriad games all from the comfort of your home.
We miss our humans.
Keeping away from the people we love during a time of "social distancing" has been hard. We miss our family, friends, colleagues, neighbors etc. This emotional impact is not only taking its toll on humans but there have been all sort of stories from around the world about unique animal behavior. Check out this story about a pod of dolphins from Australia.
Oh no she didn't!
There isn't any industry out there that has not been impacted by the pandemic. One fierce group took to Instagram to remind us of their talent, skill and over all amazing talent. Check out this incredible creative video put together by some of Hollywood's leading ladies and stunt doubles. And a BIG THANK YOU to Annette Gueli Sciolino , from Pro-Motion Notions, for sharing it with us. While you might not be a stunt double, your commitment and support to our local community makes you just as fierce!
Food for the Soul
Some health experts suggest that if you n urture your soul with healthy foods it will lead to more inspiration, positive feelings, and an overall better sense of self. With that in mind, we are sharing some inspiration for your next healthy snack.
Hey Chicago what do you say..
This week after a tornado warning expired,
a rainbow appeared behind the Hancock Center in downtown Chicago.
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