We wish you a peaceful and joyful holiday season! Thank you for all your support to address the needs of workers, help businesses operate more responsibly, and foster partnerships in pursuit of decent work globally. 

Highlights of what your support helped achieve in 2022:

This year marked 25 years of SAI advancing human rights in workplaces around the world. We would like to extend special thanks to those who have guided SAI's mission since the beginning, and to our Board members who encourage our boldest dreams for the future, for workers everywhere.

Founder and CEO Emerita:

Alice Tepper Marlin

Executive Director Emerita:

Eileen Kohl Kaufman

Founders Committee:

Achim Lohrie, Alan Spaulding, Alice Tepper Marlin, Anant G. Nadkarni, Darryl Knudsen, David Zwiebel, Dorianne Beyer, Dr. Morton Winston, Eileen Kohl Kaufman, Fitzroy Hilaire, Frits Nagel, George Jaksch, Jan Furstenborg, Kishor Chaukar, Neil Kearney (in memoriam), Mike Patrick, Robin Cornelius, Thomas DeLuca

Board of Directors:

Dan Henkle (Chair), Tyna Coles, Joseph Iarocci, Nicholas Milowski, Steven Newman, Tamara Lewis, David Pauker, Alice Tepper Marlin

Advisory Board Members:

Annukka Dickens (Chair), Amy Hall, Antonella Centra, Laura Chapman Rubbo, Andre de Freitas, Anuj Jain, Dirk Jeschke, Alice Tepper Marlin, Michael Toffel, Mary Watson, Lara White, Pawel Szalus, Liang Xiaohui, Shahamin Zaman

The Anker Research Institute has now released over 80 living wage and income estimates across 44 countries, advancing high-quality, publicly-accessible, independent living wage and living income research.

Over 2 million workers have been impacted at 5,089 SA8000-certified facilities across 56 countries and industries.

Palma Futuro provided technical assistance to over 100 private sector partners and suppliers, including small-holder farmers, to improve social performance and community engagement. The project reached over 50 communities this year, through events and 40 community circles in Colombia and Ecuador.

Saray Hurtado, Community Leader of the Palma Futuro Community Circle in Tucurinca, Colombia

500+ people and 100 employers learned about implementing labor reforms and freedom of association, through our Mexico Awareness-Raising project, a USDOL-funded grant project implemented in partnership with Partners of the Americas.

TenSquared, our accelerated change management challenge to improve social performance management systems and relations between workers and management, returned to China this year at 4 factories. At the end of one cycle, 93% of those surveyed stated that there were benefits for all workers at their company.

SAI kicked off two USDOL grant projects to address forced labor, child labor, and unacceptable working conditions in Mexican tomato and chile pepper sectors and Malaysian palm oil and garment sectors.

MY Voice Workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

750+ social auditors, business managers, union leaders, civil society representatives, government officials, and many others attended SAI's 50 public trainings in 14 countries, a growing movement of professionals around the world dedicated to human rights at work.

SA8000 Basic Course in Sweden

200+ people joined stakeholder roundtables and trainings on responsible production and purchasing practices through our FairCapacity project in Bangladesh and India. We released several FairCapacity tools geared towards helping reduce labor risks in global apparel supply chains.

FairCapacity Stakeholder Roundtable in Bangladesh

Next year, we look forward to reaching even more workers and stakeholders and continuing to advance social responsibility in workplaces around the world. If you would like to include SAI in your end-of-year giving, click the link below to donate.

Thank you!


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