December 2020
News and Updates for
Friends of Building STEPS
Before you delve into this final issue of 2020, just a few words... 
First and foremost, our students’ tenacity and drive are stronger than ever! They show up, engage in programming, reach out for help, work with tutors, and attend study halls and office hours. They’ve learned how to manage virtual programming. The high school seniors are in the thick of finalizing college and financial aid applications while our college students are wrapping up the fall semester. 
Our volunteers, from the Baltimore area and beyond, remain our front line of student support.  As writing advisors, academic tutors, career coaches and STEM seminar hosts and panelists, they provide the direct support crucial to our students’ success.
Continually expanding our business and community partnerships, we know that only together are we able to equip our students with the tools to propel them to college and career success. With thanks for all you do to support our students, all of us at Building STEPS wish you and yours a happy, healthy new year. 
Virtual Career Symposium
Baltimore area business professionals from STEM, healthcare and business sectors shared their expertise,
education journey and career advice with students. Open to a world of career possibilities, our students were inquisitive and eager to engage in these conversations. It was an eye-opening exchange.
Financial Aid Workshop
Sharing computer screens and working with financial aid specialists, nearly all of our seniors have submitted their FAFSA. Next on the college checklist is exploring scholarships. Using our proprietary cost of college tool, students are equipped to analyze financial aid, prepared to complete scholarship applications and make informed college decisions.
Backpack to Briefcase
The connection doesn’t end with a college degree.
Building STEPS support continues through high school to college and beyond. Our new college to career transition series guides college students 
as they plan and prepare for life after college.

Stress Relief
Connecting remotely demands new skillsets, exponential creativity and persistence. After a ‘welcome to Building STEPS’ supply package, students received custom face masks. In December, with college final exams and college applications due, stress balls landed in everyone’s mailbox. Today’s support requires a unique touch extending beyond STEM seminars, college workshops and college connect. 

Sharing the Good in 2020
We are proud to share Building STEPS Top 2020 highlights. Building STEPS is offered at no charge and relies 100% on philanthropy. Your support changes lives.
“Thank you so much for your kindness and help as I made this transition from undergrad to graduate school. I'm not sure how I would have done it without your help. I am proud to say I have been accepted into Notre Dame Maryland Graduate School for Education. I can't wait to see what the future holds."
Johnai W., B12
Stevenson University 2017

“Thank you for allowing me to represent Edwards during Building STEPS Career Symposium. The team did a great job with the coordination and facilitation of this event despite the challenges of our present COVID economy.” 
Eric Perlstein
Director, Healthcare Programs
Edwards Performance Solutions
“During the Career Symposium, we touched on picking up internships not only to build connections with others and network, but to really know whether or not the student will want to choose this career full time. The students asked excellent questions and displayed a great maturity that will surely prepare them for college. I am happy that I was able to speak to them and participate.” 
Michael Woldgerima
Software Engineer, Northrop Grumman

Baltimore "Peacemakers"
Atul Garg, Youth Police Dialogue Facilitator and Prisoner Re-entry Mediator with the Baltimore Community Mediation Center (BCMC), interviews  Debra Hettleman in their Peacemakers Series. Learning about BCMC from a Building STEPS alum, Debra recently signed on as a volunteer, supporting BCMC’s conflict resolution strategies and outcomes.

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