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It is with regret that we must cancel this year's Holiday Celebration Hosted by Claremont Savings Bank. We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable Holiday Season. If you are able to we ask that you consider making a donation to the Oasis Teen Shelter & Support Center as they have been selected as our charitable partner for the Holiday Celebration this year. We will be collecting items here in the Chamber office over the next couple of weeks.
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A Note from Arrowhead Recreation Club
The season is fast approaching so we will be having work sessions Saturdays, generally starting around 9:30 AM. If you or anyone you know can help either join us or send them our way.
Brush sawing the face
Brush Hogging / mowing Main Slope
Final mowing (Push mower and DR) and weed whacking
  • bottom lift loading areas
  • Around the parking lot
  • Along the ATV trail service area
Lift Sign installation
Tube Stop set up then roll up and cover
Install Post pads in tube runout area
Storage Container related
  • Side task (need to arrange for return of tent back to parks and rec.)
  • Move snow fencing
  • Move out rope posts
Fence post repairs
  • Need to get 5 split rail fence posts
  • one post on tube lift line near mat storage area
  • 2 at top of tubing, one near unloading area other in the safety runout area between tube lift and ski slope
  • 2 spare (may need for ATV fence)
Flower bed winter prep
  • Clean and trim down plants in side entrance flower bed
Install Snow Fence near storage building
Install Post and rope around patio flower bed
Move Popup tent and weights from basement to skate shack
Move Skates from Skate shack to basement area
Move Merchandise racks from skate shack to main floor storage closet
Move snow blower from storage building to basement
Wrap up 220V power cord in groomer building onto spool
Move 480V snowmaking spools to storage container
Lift related
  • Apply bar and chain oil to top ski lift tension cable
  • Remove Deep cycle batteries from tube lifts and put in storage building
  • Collect all lift fire extinguishers to ski lift shack
Other Back ground on tasks of note not a part of regular work session work
Groomer BR350
  • Complete main coupler changer over (need to order parts)
  • Replace broken cleats (may need to order one)
  • Look at installing/replacing ice points
Red Groomer plan is to hoist engine and work on it while hoisted mainly install oil pan and repair Transmission Park lock mechanism then reinstall
Lift related
  • Spice handle bracket welding repair (in progress)
  • Drain Gear oil from both lifts (will need light gauge sheet metal and bucket) (in progress)
  • Repair shaft seals (will not be able to run lifts until repairs are complete)
Snow Gun
  • Repair rotator arm (have main parts) need to remove bracket and install bushing and new bolt assembly
  • Change oil

To contact Arrowhead, FB Message us, email or call (603) 542-7016 and leave a message.
Uptown Bakery Holiday Order Info
Stop by Uptown Bakery at 10 Glidden Street or
Call (603) 542-8606 to place your orders.
Center for the Arts: Lake Sunapee Region Calendar of Events
Please check the website for up-to-date information.

 December 3rd -First Fridays! TIDINGS OF JOY A holiday concert and more featuring the Munholand String Quartet. This FF is at the Black Box theatre on the Colby-Sawyer College campus. The opening reception begins at 6:30pm with the concert to follow at 7:00. Full Press Release Available Here

2021 Literary Arts Series –“Beauty in Diversity” Dates TBD
Noted Authors and Poets share their insights throughout the year!
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ONGOING: CREATIVE ARTS CONTESTS! SHOW US YOUR ART, POETRY, ESSAYS, DANCE, THEATER, MUSIC! Be published, exhibit your work, perform onstage, win prizes!
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WCBH Prevention Coordinator
West Central Behavioral Health (WCBH), Claremont, is seeking a full-time Prevention Coordinator to support the goals and objectives of the Agency’s Drug-Free Communities (DFC) program.

The individual will work with the Task Force membership, leadership, subcommittees, partner agencies, parents, youth, community representatives, and the business community to develop, promote and implement prevention activities and cross-sector collaborative effects throughout Grafton and Sullivan counties. When appropriate, the Coordinator will seek to engage the broadest possible community involvement in these activities. Special emphasis of this position is on alcohol and drug abuse, primarily underage drinking, marijuana and prescription drug abuse.

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ServSafe Videos
ServSafe has created two free, short videos for food service staff regarding COVID precautions and conflict de-escalation that you may find helpful to share with your staff.

ServSafe Operating Guidance: COVID-19 Precautions 17 minutes
ServSafe Conflict De-escalation: COVID-19 Precautions 10 minutes
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