July 26,  2017
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People say that publishing blogs is the best and cheapest way to get your business out there, to be seen on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, linked to your website. People are right. Everyone is telling you to write blogs, but no one is ever telling you how to write blogs. David Rosenbaum explains, in writing and in person, how to make yours better.

90% of executives love exceptional, thought-leading content, but only 60% of the firms that create content say it boosts their brand. Four out of five executives say good thought leadership increases their trust in the organizations that provide it, but only half of providers believe them. Why the disconnect? The answer, explains Bob Buday, is in the content.
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Bloom Group turns expertise into recognition and revenue.

We help firms and individuals become thought leaders. We work with clients to develop thought leadership strategies, conduct research, create compelling content, get published in top-tier journals, write bestselling books, and present at prestigious conferences.

Previously unpublished research that we conducted last year shows consulting firms continue to increase their spending on thought leadership. But less than a third of those firms rate their thought leadership marketing programs as better than moderately effective. We asked our respondents a host of questions about how they go about thought leadership marketing, and separating the leaders from those who are least successful, we identified the eight habits of successful thought leadership marketers. Leaders, for instance, have a process for content development. Read about that lesson as well as the others here.

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