December 2017 | Vol. 6

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Where on the Peninsula is this?
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Write in the New Year:
3 Content Marketing Assessments
You Need to Make
The end of the year is a great time to look back and find out if you’ve hit your online marketing goals.

If your attempts to grab attention fizzled out, read on for suggestions on how to stay on track in the New Year.

No matter what type of content marketing you choose to do, present your business in a professional consistent manner. Make a genuine effort to stay in touch with your prospects through valuable content, not fluff!

Case of The Pseudo Blog

Publishing a vibrant blog on your website can produce huge benefits. One of the biggest rewards of having fresh content rolling in on your blog is growing a loyal audience.

But a blog can go wrong in one huge way – abandonment.

If blog posts are infrequent and outdated, your blog is not building a following.

The solution to blog abandonment is creating a publication schedule that you can stick to. The more often there’s an excuse for people to look at your website the better.

Start thinking about how you can stick to a publication schedule in the New Year. 

Case of The Old News Website

While you’re reflecting on your business goals, check your website to see if anything needs to be updated.

In a previous post, “ Don’t Stink Like a Fish: 6 Ways to Keep Your Web Content Fresh” I outline common website categories that need attention from time to time.

Close out the year by adding new client testimonials, links to where your company has been mentioned in the press, and check to see if the “About” tab needs a refresh.

Get ready for the New Year by making announcements for upcoming product releases and adding appearances and events to the calendar page.

Make it easy for your followers to know where you’ll be – online and off – so they can plan on joining you!

Case of The On-Again Off-Again Newsletter

People subscribe to your newsletter because they want to hear from you. Keep your fans happy by showing up in their inbox once a month with useful content.

Stay top of mind with a consistent publishing schedule.

Putting together a mini-magazine for your business can be a daunting task. For best results keep your newsletter simple – for your own sanity and to respect your reader’s time.

Combine links to your blog or other websites with some original newsletter content to hold your reader’s attention.


What marketing methods have worked for you over the year? Make a plan to keep them going strong in the New Year. If you need some help keeping up with your content marketing schedule, I'd love to strategize with you!

In a Book
My humorous short story “ The Birthday Committee” has been published in the California Writer’s Club anthology. Read stories and poems from San Francisco area writers in this eclectic publication. The Fault Zone: Uplift is for sale on Amazon.
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Every year that I go to the Dickens Christmas Fair , I discover something new. This year my husband hung out with artists and sketched character actors. Meanwhile, I got to dance at a ball with a new partner. Read more about our experience on my blog.
Where on the Peninsula Revealed
San Francisco Bay waves deposit broken shells to the Foster City shoreline. This spot is across the street from Beach Park Plaza Shopping Center along the Bay Trail.
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