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Newsletter #4
February 1st, 2014
A Book Review of 12 Steps to Becoming a More Organized Woman by Jan Burt

The book 12 Steps to Becoming a More Organized Woman (Practical Tips for Managing Your Home and Your Family) by Lane P. Jordan is the type of book you keep on the bookshelf to read and re-read regularly. To say it plainly - I really like this book! Lane is genuine and she is very skilled at offering solid advice that is do-able, aligns with God's Word, and covers pretty much every area of a woman's life. 

This updated edition deals with things in our lives that really were not an issue in the early '90's. Smart phones? Facebook? Twitter? All things I use daily (even when writing this book review) but unheard of not so long ago...unless you attended Harvard, then you know what Facebook really is.

In many ways the need to be more organized is more important for women today than ever before. We're tempted with time consumers all day long, every single day. And where our time goes, our days go, our relationships go, our homes go, our lives go. Organizing your life is what this book is really about. And I am thankful for it's timely message.

Rather than chapters, each section is referred to as a "Step".  Each step opens with a verse from the Bible. Lane begins where a woman who loves the Lord should begin - her daily walk with God. We can't live the lives He has planned for us on our own. We have to rely on Him from the time we arise until each day has ended. The author offers advice about how to make God's priorities our priorities. Each step ends with a "Bringing It Home" segment, including another verse, questions for reflection, and a short paragraph on practical application. The reader is given tools to make her life more organized for real, not simply on paper.

Topics discussed include: marriage, outreach, time, career, health, children, emotions, and more. The author of 12 Steps to Becoming a More Organized Woman is frank, but never pushy. Honest, open and warm in her frankness - something of a Titus 2 mentor in between the front and back cover of this book. Don't just read Lane's book - apply it. The new year is a great time to start living a more organized life.

Lane P. Jordan's book is available on Amazon HERE.

On my "Page Turner Scale" of 1 to 5, I gave this book a 5.



Read more of Jan's reviews on her blog HERE.

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The Craft: Creating A Writing Schedule That Works For You 

Many writers swear by the morning schedule, my husband included. He gets up every single morning at 4 a.m, spends some time in God's Word, then begins either blogging or working on scripts. 


As for me, If I am woken up before 7 a.m the house better be on fire. If it's not, it will be when my head explodes and Katy Kaboom size rage lands on whoever happened to wake this crazy bear from her slumber. 


If writing in the morning was an absolute necessity, I would never write. I need my sleep. I really do.  Knowing this about myself, I am forced to get creative. 


I understand that a schedule is only good if I use it. If it doesn't fit me and my needs, it just won't happen.


Why do we writers limit ourselves, box ourselves in and try to fit someone else's mold? 


It's okay to make a schedule to fit you. God knew you would need to. 


If you try to fit your writing into another writer's time slot, expect to feel stalled. 


In the past I have tried to wake up early to write, but I always came up empty. When I write mid afternoon, God just shows up. He floods my mind with ideas. I have come to believe that He knows my schedule better than I do and He respects it by feeding my mind with great ideas when I show up at the right time. 


The right time is important. Who determines the right time? Only you.


So, go get your calendar. Whittle away some space in your day. Make a plan and stay faithful to it. Determine to make a writing schedule work for you.


Market News: Ins and Outs

 This month, I have some market news that personally affects me. The Christian self-publishing company, WinePress Publishing, issued statements of closure at the beginning of January. Without warning to authors, their office was evicted and their doors closed.


While WinePress remains "in a flux" a reported 2000 writers are scrambling to recover their intellectual property and move forward.


Unfortunately, I am one of these authors.


If you were a WinePress author and this information is new to you, please contact me. I have a private Facebook group for WinePress authors to unite and seek encouragement and direction. Email me and I can get you up to speed.


In light of the closure, Athena Dean, the previous owner of WinePress has constructed a new Publishing company called Redemption Press. Their mission is to offer choices, personal service and low markups. It's an appreciated goal for authors who have invested a great deal elsewhere.


In other news, Amazon announced in late January that they are launching a Christian imprint called Waterfall Press. The press will be presenting Christian Fiction and non-fiction as well as shorter pieces. You can go here to learn more.  


Wherever you go and whatever choices you make for your writing, seek God's direction. Lay your work in His hands and trust with it. 


"Make use of time, let not advantage slip."


~ William Shakespeare

This month, I'm asking God to help us redeem valuable time and use it creatively, for His glory. Follow His lead. Stay focused on the mission God has given you with your writing and let nothing distract you from His call.


 Heather Randall
 Christian Women Affiliate LLC
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