CosmicXChange: Superhero & Space Projects
Writers Boot Camp Basic Training Fellowship
Only one submission per person, please.
Applications Due by Thurs., Nov. 12th, 2020 at noon, LA time
Complete all information requested in the fields below and answer the creative questions keeping your answers to a single sentence only. Maintaining this single-sentence format guideline will foster the best results.
Step 1
Copy the questions and certification paragraphs into an email with the subject line:  CosmicXChange
Step 2
Make sure that all answers are no longer than a single sentence and that all questions and answers are aligned on the left side of the email. Make sure that there is just one return (blank line) between each response. Please do not overdo additional spacing. Use 12 pt. or 14pt. Calibri font.
Step 3
Send to Please do not add additional notes or personal disclaimers or explanations.
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Contact & Background
Mailing Address:
City, State & Zip Code:
Phone Numbers:
Email Address:
How did you find out about Writers Boot Camp?
Name of Personal Reference:
Their Professional Relationship to You:
Reference Contact (Phone & Email):
Please keep all answers to the following questions to a single sentence only and provide personal insight beyond simply a listing on a resume or a yes/no.
Describe Your Industry Background and Experience:
What is Your Prior Writing and Filmmaking Experience, if any?
What is your usual day job?
Are you currently working?
How has the Coronavirus impacted your life, if at all, in a distinctive way?
What obstacle prevents you from writing 10 hours per week most weeks throughout the year?
Topical Questions (Please keep answers to a single sentence.)
A. Who is your favorite superhero and why this one in particular?
B. Share with us--in only one sentence-a transformative experience or reflection about the universe:
C. What is your view of your place in the world or your personal journey through time?
D. If you win a Writers Boot Camp scholarship, please describe the project you will write:
Title:                                                       Format (Movie, TV Pilot, Book, etc.):
Premise Line (one sentence only!):
CosmicXChange: Superhero & Space Projects
Writers Boot Camp Basic Training Fellowship
Only one submission per person, please.
Applications Due by Thurs., Nov. 12th, 2020 at noon, LA time
Applicant Notification & Certification
By emailing the above information, I certify that all my answers on the above application are true. I understand that due to the short time constraint of the fellowship application process that only the winners will be notified of their standing by telephone.  Each applicant will be notified by email with guidelines for additional benefits, if applicable. All email submissions will be kept confidential and not shared with anyone outside Writers Boot Camp's staff without an applicant's permission. I understand that if I win an award it is not transferable and if I cannot fully utilize it, then the next ranked person will be offered it. 

My submission acknowledges Writers Boot Camp's pledge of confidentiality regarding my application and creative answers. I understand that all internal staff discussion of my project idea is in the interest of determining winners of The Fellowship. I understand that I am sharing my ideas and answers to be eligible for a fellowship award and that submission of this application does not guarantee me receipt of conceptual notes or story services. I understand that I can protect my material by registering and/or copyrighting my written materials prior to submitting them. I give permission to Writers Boot Camp to verify my information and answers with the above reference and understand that this verification, if necessary, is only for a group of finalists and only to determine award eligibility.