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Jacksonville's Homeless: Listen, Understand, and Act
In our ongoing efforts to raise awareness and understanding for our homeless community, Dorri and I are beginning our series of interviews. Please read and share the following article: Thom's Story . To read past blogs, please visit www.tracytripp.com .

-Tracy and Dorri
Looking forward to a weekend of meeting fellow authors and readers. Come check out the event! It comes at the perfect time when the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has passed, and the cold months have brought on the urge to curl up with a good book.
Something Like a Dream (Release date TBD)
Maybe it was the dream, or perhaps the small smile that hinted at the edge of Brent Foster’s lips when he said her name, but none of that truly matters anymore. Skylar Shaw is alone curled up against the living room wall, kitchen knife in her hand. Without question, she is responsible for her fiancé, Adam Smith, going missing. If only Skylar hadn’t agreed to take on the mysterious client at the accounting office where she works, or not made an amorous glance at Brent… Somehow even at her most terrifying moment, she knows something deeper is at work in her life. The manifestation in her dream was not sent to destroy her but to warn her. Whatever the vision was, it has awoken something inside of her, and playing on the safe side of the street is no longer an option. 
Trip Of a Lifetime
Parting Gifts  is the debut novel of Tracy Tripp. It is a marvellous read. I found it so beautiful in its simplicity. It has really impacted me. I urge you to pick up  Parting Gifts  today and let it speak to your heart and soul. Julia Wilson
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Well written. Reminiscent of the style of leading romance writers and with much depth of understanding of family and love relationships. 
Mary Foca , author of  Defy the Winds
Tracy Tripp
Dorri Hall