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Dear Friends,

I am partnering with my friend and author Dorri Hall to write with a purpose. Our mission is to build understanding and awareness of the homeless community in Jacksonville, Florida. While we will focus on Jacksonville, the problem is one that is seen across our country. In the coming months, we will be sharing testimonials from our street friends. Together, we hope to make a difference in their lives, but also to help find ways to change the future of our youth.

Writing about the human spirit, its challenges and triumphs, is my passion. Anyone that has overcome a difficult situation or is struggling to overcome their situation, will connect not only with my novels, but with the interviews that will be published in the months to come. In both of my novels, the triumph of the human spirit theme is clear. Click on the links above to learn more about my work and visit www.tracytripp.com for past blog posts.

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Something Like a Dream (Release date TBD)
Skylar falters, making one seemingly insignificant mistake. She allows her feelings for a coworker to show. Perhaps, had the misstep not been in front of the boss, everything would have been different. Instead, the one moment she lets her guard down sends her spiraling into an accountant’s nightmare. Her black and white world of debits and credits suddenly becomes quite gray. Despite the vivid dreams that seem to warn her, she is alone in a scheme created to have one winner, and it was never intended to be her.
Trip Of a Lifetime
Parting Gifts  is the debut novel of Tracy Tripp. It is a marvellous read. I found it so beautiful in its simplicity. It has really impacted me. I urge you to pick up  Parting Gifts  today and let it speak to your heart and soul. Julia Wilson
Well written. Reminiscent of the style of leading romance writers and with much depth of understanding of family and love relationships. 
Mary Foca , author of  Defy the Winds
Tracy Tripp
Dorri Hall