Writing Centered                           Issue #3, April 2015 
Writing Center Staff-Spring 2015
Notes from the Editors

Hey fellow readers ! It's Elaine. I'm excited to be one of the editors for Writing Centered this year along with Grant. To tell you a little about myself, I'll use an animal--a turtle. I'd say I'm like a turtle because occasionally I like to hide in my shell (a quality of the introvert). As I grow older, I don't rely on that shell quite as much. Also, becoming a writing center tutor has helped build confidence. I have found a place where I belong, a place where I can do what I love, a place where I can encourage others.

As an editor, it has been an experience filled with discovery and growth. At the beginning of this semester, I had no idea I would be an editor for this newsletter. I'm an English Writing major, and I may want to be an editor, or something along those lines, in the future. The most rewarding part of being an editor is gathering small pieces of information and making them into something huge. I hope you enjoy this newsletter, and I look forward to working on more newsletters in the future. Stay tuned!

- Elaine Everett, Co-editor of Writing Centered
Hey guys, it's Grant Gilliam! If  you would have told me freshman year that I would be a co-editor for anything I would absolutely not have believed you. I have always enjoyed writing, reading, and photography; but never quite pushed myself to actually put those interests into application. What really moved me out of my writing shell was Professor White's influence. After taking a couple of his classes he mentioned the writing center and encouraged me to think about tutoring. Little did I know that this little nudge in the writing direction would lead me to taking a leap in applying these interests into doing things I enjoyed.  Whether it is taking photos for the newspaper or helping in the writing center, I am grateful that I have sought out my interests. With all of this being said, I could not be more thrilled about being the co-editor with Elaine for the writing center newsletter!
- Grant Gilliam, Co-editor of  Writing Centered

Featured Article:
Adventures at the Southeastern Writing Center Association Conference in Nashville, TN
I know it's everyone's dream to go on a nerdy English adventure with three faculty members. Well two weeks ago, I got to live that dream by presenting at the Southeastern Writing Center Association Conference in Nashville with Daniel White and Lingshan Song. Our good friend Nathaniel Stickman tagged along to give his own presentation because he thought he was too cool for us. At the conference, we got to mingle with big-wigs in the writing center community and navigate Music City right after a snow and ice storm. Our presentation was about the research the three of us have been doing about how prepared tutors feel to work in the writing center after completing the tutoring training class. After lots of talks with other tutors and then presenting our concerns to Lingshan and Dr. Steve Price, Writing Center Director extraordianare and Oscar winner, they realized how under-prepared we as tutors felt when working with international or non-native speakers. 

Once Lingshan and Dr. Price heard our cries for help, they decided to back up the anecdotal evidence they had so far with facts. Mr. White and Lingshan decided to send out a survey to get those facts, which is where I came in! I tested the survey then wrote a note introducing it to the other tutors so they wouldn't feel a need to be polite with Lingshan and Mr. White. Once all the data was collected, we coded it and made some generalizations about the information in order to utilize the advice and suggestions from current tutors on improving tutoring training. After we rocked our presentation we got to relax and enjoy the rest of the conference, listening to other presentations about identity and culture within writing centers and getting cool ideas about fun things we can do in our center to engage writers! 

Although the conference gave me great experience to include on my résumé, what I'll remember most will be the lively (and incredibly nerdy) discussions the four of us had about analysis, phonetics, and sorting the English faculty into Hogwarts houses. Mr. White would be mad if I didn't also mention the great Loveless Cafe, a necessary stop for any traveler making their way to Nashville! I learned how much fun teachers can be outside of the classroom ( they're actual human beings if you can believe it!) and would highly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to jump at the chance to attend conferences such as these.

-By Hannah Fields, writing center tutor

Quotes from the Quote Book 

Whenever someone says something funny or noteworthy, it's written down in the writing center quote book. Here are a few of them from this semester:

"Do fish get thirsty?"
-Garrett Windham

"We're good at words."
-Anna Watkins and Moira Kelly

"You don't know a man completely until you hear him sneeze." 
-Joel Purvis

"This makes me feel like a celebrity; I've always wanted to be in a meme." 
-Mr. White

"I'm learning how to Tweet! I guess the candy bowl would be a good thing to put...." *takes picture of candy bowl*
-Dr. Price

Abbie Walker: I love how in the writing center we turn everything into a game or make it more than it was intended to be."
Sherree Rayner: Yes, because that's what the English department teaches us to do."

Sherree Rayner: "I love letters; I hate numbers."
Hannah Fields: "Spoken like a true writing center tutor."

In This Issue
  • Notes from the Editors
  • Adventures at the SWCA Conference
  • Quotes from the Quote Book
  • Voices of the Writing Center
  • Tutors in Action
  • Meet Our Future Tutors

Voices of the Writing Center
-Charlotte Walker
"Why is writing important?"
"Writing is important because it allows us to gather our thoughts and convey them in a way that is meaningful and long-lasting"

"How has the writing center changed your writing?"

"It has helped me understand that there is no perfect method of writing. There are certain rules, but everyone has their own way of communicating."
-Sherree Rayner
"What makes the writing center fun?"

"I really love the community between the tutors. It really is so much more than a job. Also, getting to know all the students who keep coming is fun. You really get to know them through their writing!"

"How has writing helped you as a person?"

"I have to process things. The writing center and the writing courses here have helped me become such a deep thinker and approach things critically. This has even effected other areas of my life aside from writing to be more observant in."
Captured: Tutors in ACTION!
Elaine and Kimberly working together!
Joel in his astute tutoring element!
Meet Our Future Tutors: 
ENG 398 students

We decided to pay a visit to Mr. White's Practicum in Writing Consulting class. We asked the question "why do you want to be a writing center tutor?" This question helped us get to know the future tutors and showed us their personalities. Special thanks to Mr. White for letting us come to his class!

"I'd like to contribute to taking the fear out of English and writing that some have. We all can't be English majors--but we can all be writers."

-Bekah Richardson

 "I want to be a tutor because I love teaching. I love that moment when you're explaining something to someone, and you can see it click in their head. It's wonderful."

-Sebastian Murdoch

 "I'm looking forward to getting to know the writing center visitors and staff. I want to help students produce writing that they are proud of."

-Chloe McCarthy

"I want to be a tutor so that I can equip students to be better writers and help them have confidence in their ability to write well."

-Emmalyn Foy

 "1. To get to know others through the intimate nature of sharing writings.

 2. To learn.

 3. Jesus."

-Taylor Langele

 "Tutoring is sort of in my blood so...."

-Matt Ansley

 "Three reasons I want to be a tutor: I see working in the writing center as an opportunity to gain new skills, enlightening experiences, and self-growth."

-Justin Mainous

-By Grant Gilliam and Elaine Everett, writing center tutors

*To Be Continued....


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