Writing Centered                           Issue #4, May 2015 
Sensational Seniors!
From left to right: 
Top: Molly Halpin, Sherree Rayner, Bethani Thomas
Middle: Alex Hendry, Charlotte Walker, Elizabeth Moore
Bottom: Jamie Eggleston, Abbie Walker, T'Jerria Green
Notes from the Editors

 As the semester comes to an end, I'm reminded of one main thing: Time flies by before we even have time to realize it. It feels like just yesterday that I was a freshman at MC, and now I'm about to be a senior. During freshman year and sophomore year, I had no clue what I wanted to major in. I was undecided those entire two years. Then, right before junior year, summer of 2014, I had a "lightbulb moment" and decided I wanted to major in English Writing. Although I haven't been a writing major that long, it's been an experience filled with hundreds of typed pages of paper, countless sentences to diagram, and mounds of reading assignments. All of this may sound horrible for some people, but I find passion in it. I like a challenge. As with writing, I also have a passion for tutoring people in the MC Writing Center. Becoming an English Writing major and becoming an MC Writing Center tutor are the two accomplishments I treasure most (and being the editor of this newsletter, of course!). Time does fly.
-Elaine Everett, Co-editor of  Writing Centered

Often times in life the ends of events lead to the beginnings of others. We see this with the transition of high school to college or college to the "the real world."  The optimist often views this with excitement, looking forward to the next chapter of their life. As we are at that time of year where we make changes in our lives, let's be optimistic, full of joy, and welcome newness with open arms. In this newsletter you'll find sections regarding the seniors; the thought of them preparing to embark on new journeys in their lives should let us consider our lives and how we adjust to change. Although change can bring nerves, fear, and worry, we cannot let that trump the way that change helps mold us in becoming stronger, more experienced individuals.
Hope you enjoy the newsletter and good luck on all of your journeys!
-Grant Gilliam, Co-editor of  Writing Centered

Highlighting Writing Center Staff Education Workshops

Because of the "snow days" at MC, the Writing Center had a month packed with insightful staff workshops !

Dr. Lemon spoke about mindfulness and meditation.
Dr. Ward said we need to "charge our batteries" because tutoring sessions can be stressful at times. 

Dr. Miller told grammar jokes with his witty sense of humor.

The "Science" of Tutoring


So how did a chemistry major who totally enjoys mixing up solutions in the lab end up in the Writing Center? My love for science and, therefore, knowledge can never be overstated; knowledge truly is powerful. However, unlocking the true potential of knowledge comes not by simply acquiring it but in effectively communicating it with others. Scientists admittedly struggle with this at times and, interestingly enough, so do writers. Both groups experience trouble when expressing ideas to their audiences, which leads to much confusion. This correlation illustrates that the relationship between science and writing isn't just hypothetical; rather, science needs strong communication to have any significance. What good is a scientific discovery if the researcher fails to coherently communicate their findings with the rest of the world? The Writing Center helps remedy this issue by equipping writers with tools that facilitate the transfer of knowledge, regardless of the subject matter. So whether one needs to write a nostalgic childhood narrative or express complex concepts gathered from cancer research, the Writing Center is there! 
- By Elliot Winford, MC Writing Center tutor
Meet Our Future Tutors: 
ENG 398 students 
(continued from last issue)

We decided to pay a visit to Mr. White's ENG 398 Practicum in Writing Consulting class. We asked the question "Why do you want to be a Writing Center tutor?" This question helped us get to know the future tutors and showed us their personalities. Special thanks to Mr. White for letting us come to his class!

Here are the rest of the quotes from the future tutors:

"A big part of why I want to be a Writing Center tutor is that I hope to start a small publishing company after I finish college. I believe this experience will be incredibly valuable in helping me to work with new authors."

-Israel West

"I want to be a tutor because I think that there is something incredibly rewarding about helping people become better writers. Writing is an awesome tool, and teaching people to use it effectively is a great discipline."

-Mitch Aldridge

"I am becoming a Writing Center tutor so that I can get a better grasp of the textual analysis that is involved in assessing a piece of writing in order to determine what revision is necessary."

-David Fahner


Future tutors were helping ENG 101 students with their Ad Analysis pieces.


"I have a passion for helping others, and becoming a tutor will help me in my journey of becoming a teacher."

-Beth Albritton

"Through ENG 398, I have found a new love and appreciation for the Writing Center. As a business administration major, I never truly knew the wonderful things and people that are in the Writing Center. Now as a new Writing minor student, I can't wait to see what's in store for my future in the Writing Center."

-Mary Elizabeth Stringer

"As an English Education major, I have a passion for helping in the learning process. I believe I will be able to prepare for my future career while serving my fellow peers as a Writing Center tutor!"

-Lacey Leddy
In This Issue
  • End-of-Semester Notes from the Editors
  • Highlighting Staff Education Workshops
  • The "Science" of Tutoring
  • Continuation of Meet Our Future Tutors
  • Voice of the Writing Center
  • Seniors' Last Words
  • Tutors in Action
  • Summer Hours

Voices of the Writing Center
-Elizabeth Moore

"Why is writing important?"
"Writing is a way of thinking, processing, and communicating. I quote Flannery O'Connor who says, 'I write because I do not know what I think until I read what I say.'"

"How has the Writing Center changed your writing?"

"The Writing Center helps me understand that writing is not the same process for every person. "

-Joel Purvis
"Why do you write?"

"I like to write because it helps me better understand what is going on in my life."

"What is something the Writing Center has taught you?"

"The Writing Center has helped me understand the importance of self-expression through conversation."
Featured Article:
Seniors' Last Words

We will all miss our MC Writing Center seniors who are leaving us after this semester! To honor our graduating and student teaching seniors for this year, we asked them "What will you miss about the Writing Center?"

"I will miss helping empower people to say what they need to say and get their thoughts out on paper."

-Ashley Bullard

 "I will miss being part of a community which is genuinely focused on helping people. I believe in the power of the work that goes on here; it has the ability to change both tutors and writers."

-Jamie Eggleston

"Being a tutor has been a truly amazing gift. The experiences I have had will always be with me as I embark on further chapters in my life."

-T'Jerria (TJ) Green

"The Writing Center is all about relationships. Each appointment or shift is a mini adventure where I can learn about other disciplines or cultures from tremendously interesting people. I will miss the exciting variety that the Writing Center provides!"

-Molly Halpin

"A community that is personally warm but intellectually challenging."

-Alex Hendry

"The things I'll miss most about the Writing Center are: eating all of the peppermints while talking to Charlotte about life, laughing over the quote book with Sherree and Hannah, the ballin' Faculty that make us feel valued and give us shout outs on Twitter, and walking into Staff Development Workshops knowing I'm in a room full of friends."

-Elizabeth Moore

 "One thing I'll miss about the Writing Center, besides the candy bowl, is the people. When you join the Writing Center staff, you join in a community of smart, funny, and talented people who are passionate about writing and about helping others to become better writers. In addition to my fellow tutors, I'll miss all of the interesting people I got to meet through my weekly appointments. Some of my best conversations happened during those 30 minute and one-hour sessions. It's been real, guys. Love you all. Keep doing great things."

-Christine Okeke

"The Writing Center is one of the most genuinely encouraging and supportive communities I've ever been part of. It has challenged me to grow both as a writer and as a person, and it will always be one of my favorite parts of my time at MC."

-Sherree Rayner

"What I will miss most about the Writing Center is the people that I have met and made connections with. I've learned so much from everyone involved and acquired skills and practices that I will no doubt use in the future as an English teacher. I'm so fortunate to have had the experience of working in the Writing Center. Thank you so much Lingshan, Dr. Price, and Mr. White for all the guidance and support."

-Eliza Sebren

"A cohesive diversity: I can tackle Anna one minute, talk deep life issues with Charlotte another, and make fun of Grant the next."

-Bethani Thomas

"A fun place to hang out even when I'm not on my shift. I love the Writing Center family and all the great conversations we have here."

-Abbie Walker

"I've gained a community of friends who welcomes jokes, questions, stories, problems, and wackiness. This is one of the best groups on campus, and I couldn't be more thankful to be a part of it."

-Charlotte Walker

Captured: Tutors in ACTION!
Mary Heath is a wonderful online tutor!

Everyone loves the Writing Center! 

Joel greets Charlotte!
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