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January 26, 2011            "Helping others tell their stories."


This Studio News contains:
  • Writing Tips.
  • A new Featured Photo, Lunch Counter.
  • A little inspiration.

AND ... what do you think of the new look? 

Travel Writing and Photo Tips

So you want to be a writer.

AND, you want to know how to get started. You've been telling your friends you could write a book, and you've been saying that for years. You're just not sure where to start. Let me give you an idea--just one idea to implement.

Start a blog. That's right. Start a blog. And you're saying to yourself, "What will I write about?" See what's missing here? If you want to write a book, you certainly must have a subject in mind. You need to connect the fact that your blog gets you into the habit of writing, which leads to published material for others to comment on, and get more ideas from your audience. Before you know it, you've written a book. It just needs to be reformatted a little to turn it into a book. Keep it focused on what interests you most. If it is photography, create a photo blog.

There are several free blogging platforms out there: Blogger, WordPress.com, Microsoft's Live Journal to name three. You can start a blog, control its appearance, and be a publisher. You'll need to draw a little attention to it, think marketing, in order to create a following. But, once that happens, you've got a built-in customer base for ... the book!

Now, get out there, do a little research, and get started with your own blog. Let me know where to find it. I'll be one of your first subscribers.

Got a question about writing or photography? Send an e-mail.

Featured  Photo


It started as an assignment from the newspaper I was working for part time to go out and photograph a number of county fairs. After I left working for the paper, I continued to photograph Fairs & Festivals for 10 years. Photographing more than 100 events in Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. 


Lunch Counter was photographed at the Kosciusko County Fair in Indiana, 1995. This scene was before me, and I kept watching the woman move back and forth taking care of her kids while everyone else ate. I captured a number of frames of film, and finally, the decisive moment came and the details were preserved. The photo won Best in Photography at the County Art Show later in the year. 

Lunch Counter
Lunch Counter

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A Little Inspiration

The other day, I was a little unmotivated. I couldn't think of anything to write about, and frankly, I needed a swift kick in the pants to get me moving.

What got me out of that slump was thinking about details. Small details. If you've ever read a great book, it is filled with word pictures of the smallest details. You can see it, touch it, smell it--even though it's just words on paper. If you have ever waited for the right moment to capture the details in a photograph, you understand patience and the importance of detail.

No matter what you're doing--writing, photographing, working, playing--it is he details that makes the difference. It is the details that make life an incredible joy to witness. Too many people let life pass by and never notice the beautiful details around them--not just the sunsets, but the clouds and color in the sky, and how it makes the houses look so warm and faces shine. It's the details.

Next time you need a little inspiration, look for the details around you, and see if some of those details won't bring a smile to your face.
Thanks for reading. See you on the highway.
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