The Stories We Tell travels to Nairobi, Kenya, with RefuSHE.
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Stories We Tell writers at RefuSHE in Nairobi, Kenya.
Writing a new refugee story,
one girl at a time.
In partnership with RefuSHE — the only organization dedicated to meeting the needs of refugee girls in Kenya — The Voices and Faces Project recently traveled to Nairobi to pilot an all-new edition of our Stories We Tell testimonial writing workshop. Created through an ongoing dialogue with our RefuSHE partners in Nairobi, our newest teen-focused writing workshop had an ambitious goal: supporting the creative and leadership development of a new generation of refugee girls from across the African continent.

During our immersive two-day workshop, 20 RefuSHE girls discussed world-changing testimonial literature from across history and various social justice movements… explored new ways of telling their stories, with an emphasis on poetry, memoir, folktale, speechwriting, and spoken word… and talked candidly about the changes they hope their testimonies can create in their communities, and the world.

During a cultural moment when so many of our leaders talk endlessly — and unsympathetically — about what it means to be a refugee, these girls are speaking truth to power. And they are reminding the world that each of us has a moral responsibility to act on behalf of those who have been displaced.

A huge congratulations to our newest Stories We Tell workshop graduates! And special thanks to the RefuSHE and Voices and Faces Project team members who made this groundbreaking collaboration possible: Debbie Andrews, Fidelis Kamene, Esther Limo, Regina Bitengo Mauti, Benedict Nganga, Anne K. Ream, Alisa Roadcup, Megan Singh Sidhu, and R. Clifton Spargo.
This is what girl power looks like: Check out photos from our Stories We Tell workshop at RefuSHE.
We couldn't have done it without you: Thank you, Manaaki Foundation.
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Ground zero for our Voices and Faces Project and RefuSHE collaboration? An inspired and inspiring discussion between the two organizations and Sue Crothers and Bill Gee of the Manaaki Foundation. Thanks, Sue and Bill, for investing in our shared vision: creating a world where the stories of refugee girls are nurtured, heard, and acted on.
It's time for new rules: Bring our most popular advocacy training to your community.
New Rules for Radicals video
New Rules for Radicals: How storytellers, opinion shapers, and subversives are changing the movement to end gender-based violence, an interactive Voices and Faces Project lecture and advocacy training, is now available to travel to your community. A practical training grounded in real-world examples of how to change minds, hearts, and public policies through the power of your story, "New Rules" debuted at the Clinton Presidential Center in 2016, when Voices and Faces Project founder Anne K. Ream presented it. Today, it is one of The Voices and Faces Project's most popular workshops.

Watch the Clinton Speakers Series video to hear Anne's talk, and to find out more about bringing New Rules for Radicals to your community during Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2019, email
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Find out more about giving the gift of change by donating to our writing workshop scholarship fund. Every $500 raised provides a full two-day scholarship for a survivor waiting to take part in our program.
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