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In the current issue of the OncoWuXi Newsletter, we share with you the update on our service and newly established capabilities.

OncoWuXi Newsletter will continue to keep you up to date with our recent progress in cancer research. As a part of the WuXi Biology, our top-notch Oncology-Immunology team is dedicated to providing end-to-end services and solutions to support the ever-changing research needs of cancer and autoimmune diseases, and is your ideal partner for enabling technological breakthrough and accelerating cancer drug discovery.
Targeted Oncology
WuXi AppTec Genetically Engineered Cell Lines for JAK

  • Ba/F3-JAK1 V623A
  • Ba/F3-JAK1 T478S
  • Ba/F3-JAK2 V671F
  • Ba/F3-TYK2 E957D
  • Ba/F3-JAK3 A573V
  • Ba/F3-JAK3 M511I

WuXi AppTec RET-related Tumor Models

(1)  TT thyroid and LC-2/ad lung cancer CDX models harboring RET alterations

(2)  Ba/F3 cell lines, tested with Cabozatinib, Vandetanib, Lenvatinib, Sunitinib, Regorafenib, Pralsetinib, Ponatinib, Sorafenib, and LOXO-292 in vitro or in vivo:
  • Ba/F3-KIF5B-RET
  • Ba/F3-KIF5B-RET-V804L
  • Ba/F3-KIF5B-RET-V804M
  • Ba/F3-KIF5B-RET-G810S
  • Ba/F3-KIF5B-RET-G810R
  • Ba/F3-CCDC6-RET
  • Ba/F3-CCDC6-RET-V804M
  • Ba/F3-CCDC6-RET-V804L

Translational Oncology
In-Cell Western, enables the high-throughput screening for PROTAC.

KPC mouse homograft tumor model, the ideal platform to test combination therapies for PDAC.

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