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In the current issue of the OncoWuXi Newsletter, we share with you the update on our service and newly established capabilities.

OncoWuXi Newsletter will continue to keep you up to date with our recent progress in cancer research. As a part of the WuXi Biology, our top-notch Oncology-Immunology team is dedicated to providing end-to-end services and solutions to support the ever-changing research needs of cancer and autoimmune diseases, and is your ideal partner for enabling technological breakthrough and accelerating cancer drug discovery.
Humanized MC38 Models and CT26 KRAS-G12C Model

  • Human B7-H4 MC38
  • Human CD73 MC38, tested with Oleclumab
  • Human PD-L1/CD47 MC38, tested with Tecentriq and anti-hCD47
  • Human PD-L1 MC38, tested with Tecentriq
  • Human ROR1 MC38
  • CT26 KRAS-G12C model, tested with anti-PD-1 and AMG510

Translational Oncology
10X Visium Spatial Transcriptomics Platform

Targeted Oncology
c-Met-related In Vivo Models

(1)  c-Met-related CDX models
  • 9 CDX models with aberrant c-Met activation, covering gastric, liver, glioblastoma, lung, and pancreatic cancer types
  • MKN45 gastric cancer CDX model, tested with BMS777607 and LY2801653
  • Hs 746T gastric cancer CDX model, tested with Tepotinib, Capmatinib, and Cabozantinib
  • MHCC97H hepatocellular carcinoma and EBC-1 lung cancer CDX models, tested with Tepotinib
  • U87MG glioblastoma CDX model, tested with Crizotinib
  • NCI-H820 lung cancer CDX model, tested with Capmatinib and Cabozantinib

(2)  c-Met-related PDX models
  • c-Met expression level across PDX models
  • LU-01-1375 lung cancer PDX model carrying MET exon 14 skipping mutation, tested with Tepotinib, Capmatinib, Crizotinib, and Cabozantinib
  • 3 liver cancer PDX models, tested with Capmatinib, Foretinib or other c-Met inhibitors
  • 3 lung cancer PDX models, tested with Capmatinib or Crizotinib
  • LU-01-0751 lung cancer PDX model carrying clinically acquired Capmatinib-resistant MET mutation, tested with Capmatinib and Cabozantinib

(3)  Capmatinib-induced resistant Hs 746T model

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