WuXi Biologics Reports Outstanding Interim Results
WuXi Biologics continues to gain more market share from the booming biologics outsourcing market due to advanced technology platforms, premier quality system and an excellent track record. We have sufficient capacity to start any project within 4 weeks. Read More
Biologic Products DNA to IND Timeline in 9 Months - Yes It Can Be Done!

WuXi Biologics Congratulates Tychan for Dosing First Patient of a Zika Antibody after Record 9 Months of Development

WuXi Biologics Congratulates Tychan on First-in-Class Monoclonal Antibody for Yellow Fever after Record 7 Months of Development

Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) Development and Manufacturing Challenges & Solutions

WuXi Biologics to Expand Integrated Biologics Conjugation Solution Center to Include Commercial Manufacturing

New Flexible Bispecific Antibody Format Demonstrates Improved Therapeutic Properties and Manufacturability

WuXi Biologics Announced Exclusive Discovery Research with Brii Biosciences for Novel Bispecific Antibody Immunotherapeutics

I-Mab Biopharma Expands Strategic Collaboration with WuXi Biologics and Licenses WuXiBody™ Platform for Three Bispecific Antibody Programs

Is Continuous Biomanufacturing a Good Fit for Your Process?

WuXi Biologics Achieves Breakthrough Titer of 51g/L in Cell Culture Productivity

WuXi Biologics Successfully Completed First FDA Routine GMP Inspection

WuXi Biologics to be the first biologics company in China approved by both the U.S. FDA and EMA