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I n this webinar, Dr.habil. Nuska Tschammer will present advanced technologies available for the target-to-hit developmental stage of the drug discovery process. Successful solutions integrate multiple aspects, including target acquisition, hit identification, and comprehensive characterization of hit series, including a dissection of mechanism of action (MoA) by using state-of-the art structural biology approaches.
Attend to learn:
  • Advantages and limitations of fragment based drug discovery
  • The importance of protein quality and protein construct for a successful screening campaign
  • Fragment-to-hit optimization processes: structure or function enabled
On-demand WEBINAR
Watch this webinar to review case studies highlighting the application of customized CRISPR/Cas9 libraries to screen for genes controlling cancer cell sensitivity to target therapeutic agents as well as T cell-mediated elimination both in vitro and in vivo. These genes are potential targets for therapeutic intervention.