WEA Legislative Update | January 17, 2019
Today's success is that HB 0022 titled, "Teacher accountability," passed the House Committee of the Whole. This removes test scores as part of teacher evaluations. Allowing school districts to base teacher evaluations on relevant classroom data, rather than arbitrary test scores, aligns district goals and curriculum with high quality teachers.

Don't forget that legislators still need to hear from you regarding the repeal of gun free school zones. Please see the action alert below.

Today in the House:
HB 0078   Education Major maintenance funding. This bill passed its third reading.

HB 0075 Background check requirements - professional licensure. This bill was laid back until Tuesday.

HB 0024 National board teacher certification. This bill passed the Committee of the Whole with an amendment to cut the yearly teacher payment stipend from $4,000 to $2,000.

HB 0023 Education accountability. This bill passed the Committee of the Whole.
Action in the House Education Committee

HB 0129 Civics proficiency examination. This bill failed to pass out of the committee on a 4 – 5 vote.

HB 0133 Hathaway expand Wyoming scholarships. This bill passed out of the committee.

Today in the Senate:
SF 0049 – County zoning authority. private schools: This bill passed in Committee of the Whole

SF 0064 – School safety and security. Passed in Committee of the Whole with two amendments
Bills assigned to the Senate Education Committee:

SF 0109 – Education attainment executive council.
SF 0111 – Community colleges bachelor of applied sciences program.
SF 0120 – Student expulsion, hearing requirements.
SF 0123 – School district compliance, public records and meetings.

SJ 0001 – State – federal school trust land exchanges. This bill was moved from Agriculture, State and Public Lands, and Water Resources to Education.
Today in Joint Appropriations:
Joint Appropriations Committee finished the round robin review of state budget request. The budget is still open for review and possible revision on Tuesday, Jan. 22.


Stop the legislature from allowing concealed firearms to be carried in our schools!

Senate File 0075 and House Bill 0183, both titled, “Repeal gun free zones and preemption amendments,” will be heard at the legislature. These bills repeal concealed carry restrictions, and specifically call for concealed carry of firearms to be allowed in elementary and secondary schools, on university and college campuses, and at sporting events. The bills also include concealed carry at legislative committee meetings. These bills increase the potential for an active shooter incident in our schools, puts students and school personnel at high risk, and destroys the assurance that schools are a safe place to learn.

Providing a safe and secure learning environment for all students is a priority for educators and parents. WEA supports school resource officers (SROs) who are adequately trained in the use of firearms. Bills which allow the secret, undetectable presence of firearms in our schools are not in the best interest of the safety and security of our most precious citizens. 

Your representatives need to hear from you!
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