WEA Legislative Update | January 22, 2019
The  Senate Judiciary Committee  will be considering  SF0075
Repeal gun free zones and preemption amendments tomorrow morning in committee at 8 AM.
Contact members of this  committee  and encourage them to vote NO on this bill.

Senate File 0075  and  House Bill 0183 , both titled, “Repeal gun free zones and preemption amendments,” repeal concealed carry restrictions, and specifically call for concealed carry of firearms to be allowed in elementary and secondary schools, on university and college campuses, and at sporting events. The bills also include concealed carry at legislative committee meetings. 

These bills increase the potential for an active shooter incident in our schools, put students and school personnel at high risk, and destroy the assurance that schools are safe places to learn.
Providing a safe and secure learning environment for all students is a priority for educators and parents. WEA supports school resource officers (SROs) who are adequately trained in the use of firearms.

Your representatives need to hear from you!

Action in the Senate Today:
SF 64 School safety and security passed on second reading.
Action in the House Today:
  • Bills that passed on Second reading:
  • HB 22 Teacher accountability
  • HB 23 Education accountability
  • HB 24 National board teacher certification
  • HB 75 Background check requirements-professional licensure (amended from every 5 years to every 10 years)
No education bills were heard on Committee of the Whole
Committee Action Today:
SF 122 Wyoming works program passed out of Senate Appropriations unanimously
House Appropriations will hear HB 8 Major maintenance multiplier on adjournment today
In the Senate Tomorrow:
Senate Judiciary Committee– 8:00 a.m. - SF 75 Repeal Gun Free Zones: WEA will be testifying on keeping guns out of schools. 

Please stand by tomorrow and watch for the outcome of the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting. Depending on that outcome, and the senate reaction to it, we may need to mobilize members to contact the senate to defeat this bill. 
Senate Education Committee – 8:00 a.m. – There are no bills being heard in senate education today. The last day for senate bills to be filed with the Legislative Services Office is Thursday, Jan. 24. We are sure to see some education funding bills before then. 
Joint Appropriations Committee – 9:00 a.m. - The JAC will continue to review the budget recommendations. We will provide a summary in tomorrow’s legislative update.
In the House Tomorrow:
Bills up in House Education Committee upon adjournment tomorrow:
  • HB 34 Nonresident tuition and fee rates
  • HB 117 College entrance exam written component
  • HB 136 School district teacher adjustment
  • HB 137 Hathaway eligibility requirements, if time allows
  • HB 147 K-12 foreign language requirement
  • HB 197 K-12 school district reserve increase
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