WEA Legislative Update | January 23, 2019

Today your efforts as cyber lobbyists paid off when the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 2-3 to kill SF 0075 Repeal Gun Free Zones. This bill would have allowed concealed carry in elementary and secondary schools, at public meetings, at sporting events, and in the legislature. WEA members rallied, using WEA’s new cyber lobbying site to contact legislators and making their voices heard. In addition, the committee room was overflowing with concerned parents, educators, and community members who spoke against the bill. In fact, NOT A SINGLE PERSON SPOKE IN FAVOR OF THE BILL aside from the bill’s sponsors. It is clear the judiciary committee understands the negative impact this will have on our education system, and they stood up for our students and educators today.

Be sure to thank Senators Lisa Anselmi-Dalton , RJ Kost , and Michael Von Flatern .
HB 0183 – Repeal Gun Free Zones awaits introduction in the house. This is a mirror bill of the one just defeated in the senate. Please stay tuned to WEA updates and be ready to contact house members when the bill gets introduced.

In the Senate Today:

SF 0049 – County zoning, private schools. Passed on third reading
SF 0064 – School safety and security – Passed on third reading, 19-11. 
These two bills move to the house.
There are no education bills being heard in the Committee of the Whole today in the senate. 

In the House Today:

The following bills passed on Third Reading and will be heading to the senate:

HB 0075 Background check requirements-professional licensure.

HB 0022 Teacher accountability. This bill passed with a third reading with an amendment removing the State Board of Education from the bill.

HB 0023 Education accountability.

HB 0024 National board teacher certification. This bill passed third reading with an amendment that instates the $4,000 stipend but limits it to a ten-year maximum payment.

The following bills passed Committee of the Whole:

HB 0220 National retail fairness act. This bill would raise $45,000,000 for K - 12 education. Currently corporations doing business in Wyoming pay taxes to the state where it was originally incorporated. This bill would allow that tax money to be paid directly to Wyoming instead. Click here to read an insightful article that further explains the bill.
Track bills that are critical to public education through the WEA Bill Tracker.
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