WEA Legislative Update | January 23, 2019

T he senate is proposing a joint resolution to amend the Wyoming Constitution to transfer the responsibility for construction of school facilities to local districts. This resolution flies in the face of the state's constitutional promise to provide an adequate and equitable education for all its students. SJ0007 , School capital construction-constitutional amendment is sponsored by Senator Scott and will be heard in the Senate Education committee tomorrow morning. Contact members of the Senate Education committee and tell them that every student deserves a high quality education no matter their zip code.

Action in the house today:
The following bill passed Committee of the Whole
HB0008 – Major maintenance multiplier.

The following bills will be heard in House Education Committee at noon recess tomorrow
HB0203 – Community colleges-safety and security.
HB0204 – Common college transcript-implementation.
HJ0005 – State lands mineral royalties-constitutional amendment.
HB0199 – Virtual education agreements.
If time permits
In the Senate today, there were no education bills.
Tomorrow the following bills will be up in Senate Education Committee at 8 am:

SF0120 – Student expulsion hearing requirements.
SJ0007 – School capital construction-constitutional amendment.
SF0123 – School district compliance-public records and meetings.
SF0111 – Community colleges-bachelor of applied science programs.

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