Hey Parents! Yes, we know St. Paddy's Day
is behind us , BUT...It is Still Your LUCKY Day!
There is always a silver lining...

Given the recent developments over the past couple weeks and looking forward, it may take a little time before life returns to normal. While Wyoming Soccer activities are currently suspended, we believe there is no reason soccer players cannot enjoy and play soccer alone or with family members.

With this in mind, we are offering a special opportunity to get on board with the TopYa! Homework Program. This was something exclusively offered to our Wyoming 307 Select players, but with recent circumstances, we feel it is the perfect time to extend this program to all of you. TopYa! is an app that provides free skills contests for players to continue to play and enjoy the beautiful game.

With schools currently closed, and with all the entertainment options available to kids at the click of a button, it can be difficult for young athletes to get the time on the ball they need, so why not embrace tec hnology and encourage them to spend some of this "down" time developing their skills!

With the program, kids upload videos of them performing skills or tricks to a database that awards them points. Even if kids aren’t achieving the challenge, a 20 second video might take 2 hours to get, and that is two hours they may have been spending on something much less productive.

This program is being offered for free, so grab a smartphone or tablet and get started! It's as easy as 1...2...3!


Click HERE and select the button labled, "Join the Contest", and select your age group. On the next screen, enter your phone number to receive a text with a link to download or open the TopYa! Soccer app (iOS or Android).


If you already have the TopYa! Soccer app and a Player Account:
Following the text link will open the TopYa! Soccer app where you can log into your account. From the Invite Code screen, select the "Save" button at the bottom, then select your age group, go to the Virtual Skills Contest and get started!

If you do not have the TopYa! Soccer app and a Player Account:
Following the text link will direct you to download the app (App Store or Google Play). Create a player account*. Once you're in the app, go to the Virtual Skills Contest and get started!

*Any player under the age of 13 is required to have an associated parent account.


Once you are in the Virtual Skills Contest, you'll find several challenges, including the first stop in the TopYa! Juggling Club: Sweden! For the Juggling Club, once you complete Sweden, you will progress to Spain, then England, etc. on your virtual international soccer juggling journey. Once you have completed all skill levels for a particular country, you will receive a push notification to start you on your journey in the next country.

Below is a link to our Wyoming 307 Select Leader board, which updates in real time, so you can see how it works...If you are a 307 Select Player, and you haven't taken part in the 307 Juggling Club, you can sign up now!
We cannot wait to see where the TopYa! Journey takes your kids!