We want to let you know that the Department of Health has decided to do away with our current listserv format. We are being asked to work in the Google Group environment. 

Things to know: 

-The new listserv email address is  wyotrauma@wyo.gov.

-The new name of the list is Wyoming Trauma System, it should show up in your subject line as [wyotrauma] to indicate the message origins. 

-You may go to the Google site to set your preferences (i.e. if you want a digest form or all messages) and to view the archives (which are fairly sparse right now)  

-  https://groups.google.com/a/wyo.gov/d/forum/wyotrauma  You can also post right from that URL site!

- We will continue to use the  trauma@lists.health.wyo.gov  list but will add in the new list as well...Yeah! you MAY get twice as many emails from us :) Everyone loves spam!

- As soon as we can (no 100% go live date as of yet) we will start to use only the new  wyotrauma@wyo.gov  group. At this point, Sept 1 sounds like a great time.

If you have any questions regarding the Trauma System ListServ, please contact Kelli Perrotti at kelli.perrotti@wyo.gov .