Injury prevention is a crucial part of the Wyoming Trauma System. During a site review at Wyoming Medical Center, the review team had the pleasure of learning about their injury prevention efforts. The review team was especially impressed with their participation with the program PARTY, Preventing Alcohol Related Trauma in Youth. Awesome job! Please see the article provided by Wyoming Medical Center below for more details.

" Wyoming Medical Center is committed to not only treating injured and ill patients but we are also committed to preventing injury and illness and providing community education. The Trauma Service and Injury Prevention Departments participate in the program PARTY, Preventing Alcohol Related Trauma in Youth. This class is focused on educating community’s youth about the dangers of impaired and distracted driving. Kids have varied levels of exposure to drugs and alcohol. We work closely with WMC Emergency Room, Natrona County Sheriff Department, Evansville Fire, M.A.D.D., State Farm Insurance and William, Porter, Day and Neville Law Office to offer our future generations the knowledge to make better decision. The class has a strong focus on preventing alcohol related injuries but we know the things children are exposed to have grown tremendously. In an effort to keep our classes up to date and engaging for the participants, we have grown, too. The hospital has recently purchased two Drunk Buster karts and six new “impairment” goggles. The goggles include two drunk goggles (low level BAC and totally wasted), cannabis goggles, LSD goggles, drug impairment goggles (simulates narcotic and prescription drug) and sleep/distracted goggles. Participants are asked to don a pair of goggles and complete simple tasks. We also pair the goggles with the Drunk Buster Karts and ask the kids to complete more difficult tasks such as maneuvering through a course. The kids try to send or read a text, hold a conversation, have drink or food, look in the mirror and other tasks while driving the karts. " Rebecca Fleming, Injury Prevention Coordinator WMC.