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October 2012


X-Frame: improving field and orchard profitability & cherry research at Michigan State University  


Designed to help growers improve the profitability of crops grown in large fields and orchards the Retractable "X Frame" greenhouse helps by optimizing growing conditions while protecting crops from rain, hail, heat, wind and cold in minutes. See the X frame being using at Michigan State University to improve the financial results of cherry production.


The Retractable "X Frame" greenhouse can increase the yield, quality and timing of crops in your field or orchard. 



"X Frame" is a lower cost house, and is an ideal alternative for growers who would normally consider using tunnels, nethouses or low tech poly greenhouses. Designed to be able to follow gently rolling fields the X frame house is eliminating the need to grade the land.






Richard Vollebregt/Cravo, Lynne Sage/MSU,
Benjamin Martin/Cravo, Dr. Greg Lang/MSU


Cherry trees under
X Frame
retractable roof greenhouse at 

Michigan State University


A Cravo retractable roof "X Frame" greenhouse was installed this spring at Michigan State University where trials are being done by world renowned cherry specialist Dr. Greg Lang on various styles of protective covers over cherries.

The goal of the trials under the retractable roof is to optimize and document how effectively the retractable roof protects the crop from environmental risks, manipulates the timing of the harvests and increases fruit size, quality and yield.

Through out the year the retractable roof will be automatically controlled by a computer to manipulate and enhance the growing conditions.


The retractable roof will be used:

  • In the early spring to alter temperatures to manipulate the flowering time and help protect the flowers from frost or freeze.
  • During flowering to create the best possible temperature and humidity levels for pollination.
  • To protect the trees from hail
  • To eliminate rain-disseminated diseases during spring and summer.
  • To help reduce losses due to sunburn and prevent a reduction in fruit size due to excessive transpiration during sunny and hot conditions
  • To protect fruit from rain prior to harvest
  • During harvest to keep the fruit cooler to maximize water content helping to extend the shelf life
  • After harvest to optimize growing conditions and help trees prepare for the following growing season.





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