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To All of Faithful XOOD Customers and Friends,


Just a few short years ago my business partner and I set out with a simple task: To make a sports drink that works better than (or just as well as) the current drinks on the market, but was also healthy.   From the hundreds and hundreds of athletes we have personally heard from over the years we learned that mission was accomplished.


XOOD is the only sports drink on the market that contains no additives, preservatives, or artificial anything and actually by the nature of the different formulas has proven health benefits.


Although we have succeeded in many respects, we have failed in many others.  Lou and I are cardiologists and although that gave us a very unique insight to formulating XOOD, it has left us severely lacking in running the business of XOOD which brings us to the point of this email.


We have decided after very careful thought to cease operations.  Neither Lou or I have sufficient time or expertise to run the business the way it should be run.  Although, we have seen impressive gains in online sales over the years what has been even more impressive is our ability to gain a foothold in the retail marketplace (21 retail locations in 7 states) with very little advertising and marketing budget.  All our success has been through the grass roots approach and a good part of that has been the great customers, friends and fans of XOOD.


Lastly, some of you might be wondering if we have any regrets and the honest answer is "no".  Lou and I have talked about this and we both feel that the people we are today; the way we are as physicians, fathers, husbands and athletes is partly do to our experience with XOOD.  XOOD in many ways has shaped who we are and so for that reason, we have no regrets.


As of July 31st XOOD will no longer be available online or in retail stores, so this will be year last chance to stock up.


Once again, I thank you for all your support




Sal Tirrito

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