Xanadu Pup Alert News
October 9th, 2017
This issue features currently-available pups from:
  • Enchante's F1b Cream-Colored Litter by Golden Retriever, Elvis Jr.
  • Pomsky Male and Female Puppies from Mishka & Wolf's Litter of Three

  • Information about How to Secure Your Goberian Puppy this 2017 Season
  • Puppy Pick-Up & Flight Information 

Most people who appreciate the Goberians want a puppy that has native good sense and thinking skills--like the Siberian Huskies (and like wolves). Clients want pups that are NOT big barkers (although they may talk to you in howl-y voices and expect you to respond with a growly-howl), a beautiful (distinguished-looking) dog that is serious business, however loving and playful, and a dog that is obedient/trainable to civilized human customs--like coming when called (and that's a biggie!).

We held a 1/4 wolf pup here at XANADU once for a special client, and she-wolf's presence required that the puppy gazebo be rebuilt from the floor up to about 2 1/2 feet. But she was very sweet...We were all falling in love with her, as we do with special pups.
Few people want to live with that kind of destruction. We want dogs that are chill indoors, ready-for-action outdoors. We want a dog that is alert, aware, smart, attentive, and excited about behaving and being a good dog--and all about loving us to pieces. And this is the F1b Goberian. (Please see ATTACHED XANADU Breeding Goals.) Enchante' and Elvis's litter is an F1b litter--Goberian Enchante' bred to Golden Retriever, Elvis Jr.

Enchante's litter by Elvis Jr. is -- as far as we know from both parents' ancestries and the likelihood of NO genetic issues and from the healthy long lives of parent/grandparent/ancestors -- as perfect as any responsible breeding programs can master. These black-nosed pups with black foot pads, cream-coat-colored Arctic-wolf- looking pups are guaranteed for temperament (sweetness, friendliness), for sound genetic backgrounds, and for great vet-checked general health. Expect pups that will, be with your family for the entire childhood of your kids, barring accident, obesity, and with good family and veterinary care.

Retrievers remain the most popular dog in America over the decades of various dog fads, like the current Pomsky hybrid, which is a very hardy Siberian Husky cross -- very cute, too.
The reasons for the popularity of the retrievers are all about temperament, beauty, and intelligence/ease of trainability/willingness to please. The bad characteristics of contemporary retrievers include very serious and include the usual suspects: dysplasia, skin diseases, cancer, etc., etc...There are so many genetic tests for retrievers, and genetic testing doesn't catch EVERY possible condition. That is why I say "no known or even suspected problems in Enchante' or Elvis's lineages."

One of the two females in the litter will become a Service Dog. This is a great litter for potential Service-Dog candidates.

SIX MALE PUPPIES ARE AVAILABLE. And it is a bit hard to tell these boys apart. Personalities are all superb. One male is an explorer. Other differences include color--some are whiter than others; fluffiness--some have a plush coat; some are a bit larger than others. Most have hazel eyes and some of the males may have flecks of blue in their eyes, but I EXPECT all of the males' eyes to be brown--or so brown that they all fall into the brown-eyed price range. A couple of pups have small white tips at the end of their tails. ALL pups carry their tails up and curled over their backs--like the Siberian Husky--at this point. And at this age, we cannot tell if ears will stand up or be Golden Retriever floppy ears. Sometimes Goberian puppy ears don't decide what they want to do for about five months. Photos are ATTACHED of these six puppies and of this litter:
Guardian Female (and only really blue-eyed puppy) SOLD
The Second and only other Female--who will go into Service Training (and is hazel- eyed) SOLD
Enchante's six very hard-to-tell-apart males-- AVAILABLE.

This is a small litter of three puppies. As noted above, the Pomsky is a hardy, stout hybrid. Neither the Siberian Husky nor the Pomeranian are breeds with a large number of genetic problems. Often, the Pomsky is a barky dog (often Pomeranians are barky dogs). Often they are hyper and a bit harder to train, although very sweet, alert, gorgeous, smart. Not THIS litter: This is the calmest litter I've EVER seen. Calmer than our Goldendudes, our Bernedudes, our Cockapoos...I've never seen anything like this small litter of little beauties.
Momma Mishka is about 25 pounds; poppa Wolf is 5 pounds. Puppies are expected to be around 15 pounds as adults (maybe a bit larger).

A blue-eyed Guardian Male has been selected. A photo of our Guardian Male is ATTACHED. He is SOLD.

One Pet Home Female puppy (very dark eyes and presumed to be brown). She is AVAILABLE at this moment. Our female may be sold-- or not by the time this newsletter is published. There has been considerable interest in this pup.

One Pet Home Male puppy is AVAILABLE; this boy's eyes are a dark blue at this time -- and I've seen dark blue eyes look very black in adult dogs. The 3rd photo of our black & white Pomsky babies is of the male.

All babies are calm, beautiful, some pattern of black & white with very pretty facial masks. 

XANADU puppies may be paid in full and reserved for new owners after parent dogs have been bred and we have a pregnancy confirmation. At birth, sexes and coat colors are apparent. Deposits of $400 will be accepted after puppies have been born and deposits cannot carry over to future litters. Full payment for a puppy/pups is due at 6 1/2 weeks (when we hope eye color is stable). If you wanted a puppy with blue eyes and your pup doesn't have at least one blue eye, you may request a refund of your deposit at that time. When another Goberian litter is born--and with the expectation of blue-eyed puppies in that litter--you are welcome to make a deposit for a puppy from that litter. The best way to get a blue-eyed pup is to request a male or female Litter Pick puppy; blue eyes are recessive, and there are fewer blue-eyed and bi-eyed puppies.

Please go to the PayPal website to pay for your puppy's balance or to pay the total price for your puppy. The XANADU website PayPal button only accepts $400 deposits, which are made after litters are born. But the XANADU website does not accept total payments or balances, because these vary amounts so. Paypal website payments should be made using sheron.steele@gmail.com. Please remember that the selection of Pet Home puppies is in the order payments/deposits are submitted. Also, puppies are only held for you if your complete payment has been made or your deposit has been submitted after pups are born.
Note also that all XANADU puppies are equally sweet, friendly, smart, healthy-- whether a Litter Pick or the very last puppy selected. You are guaranteed to love your puppy and puppy is guaranteed to love you back. ALL XANADU pups are guaranteed for temperament, genetic soundness, and health.

No Guardian Home Puppies are Available in either Enchante's or in Mishka's Litters. They have already been chosen.

Litter Pick puppies (one male AVAILABLE in Enchante's Litter) are $2885 -- total cost. Litter Pick pups can have blue, brown, yellow, green, hazel eyes -- your choice. Blue-Eyed pups, including bi-eyed puppies, are $2625--no taxes or PayPal fees; we pay those fees. Probably our only blue-eyed candidate at this time is our male Pet Home Pomsky.

Pet Home brown-eyed puppies are $2150 total pup price. There are five available Pet Home males in Enchante's Litter (eye color verified soon). There is one Pet Home Female and one Pet Home Male available in Mishka's Litter (and we'll have to wait until pups are 6 1/2 weeks old to determine eye color).

If you need Shipping for your new pup, that price is in addition to your puppy's price: $475.
I recommend an increasingly common practice: Fly into the Montrose, CO airport (MTJ) and pick up your pup (sometimes other airports are closer to the XANADU Guardians. Sheera's litter, Cashmere's litter, Enchante's litter & Mishka's litter will be western-slope litters and flying puppies can take Grand Junction flights or taking Montrose flights with their new owners in-cabin.) I can deliver to the Montrose airport.

Enchante' and Elvis's litter are in Ridgway, CO -- which is about 2 1/2 hours away from Grand Junction. I hire a person to take our United PetSafe Cargo pups to the Grand Junction Airport. Total price for crate, airline ticket, pup vet check, crate furnishings and transportation is $475.
If you pick up your puppy and fly back with pup in the cabin with you and IF your pup is at XANADU HQ in Ridgway, fly to Montrose, CO. If I know when you are coming, I can have puppy's vet check paperwork done for you and take puppy to the Montrose Airport to meet you.
You can find the requirements for flying your pup in cabin on the United Airlines website. The price for transporting puppy to Montrose from Ridgway and getting required vet check paperwork for puppy is $125.

We can get Enchante's pups to the Grand Junction Airport for United PetSafe Cargo shipment, but the price has to include payment for the person who transports puppy as well as the veterinarian's requisite flight exam paperwork--about $175. Usually, the pup will board overnight with the transporter in Grand Junction in order to get him/her to the airport to meet incoming flights of the new pup owners. 

Thank you all for your interest in XANADU of the Rockies and our XANADU Pups.

My very best,
Sheron Steele & Xanadu Pack o' Pups
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
Ridgway, CO 81432
Home Phone: 970-626-9747
Cell Phone (no texts):  970-708-8030