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´╗┐September 30th, 2017
When communicating with XANADU, please remember to call me at our XANADU HQ home number: 970 626-9747 or call my cell number: 970 708-8030, if you cannot reach me at home. I shall be out of town between the 3rd of October and the morning of the 6th. While I may be available by cell phone during that time, please no texts or emails. Our Office Manager, Mandi, can answer all initial inquiries, and her email address is xanadupack@gmail.com . Thank you!
A. Adult Guardian Home gold & white BERNEDOODLE Male Needs New Home
B. GOBERIAN--SHEERA'S & CASHMERE'S LITTERS by CEDAR are going home Oct. 13-15 (Three photos of Cashmere's Available Guardian Female)

A. Gorgeous, 65-lb. male BERNEDOODLE, GOLD NUGGET, is in need of a new Guardian Home. Gold Nugget is a family dog, used to children. He is described by his current Guardian as still a puppy--rambunctious, BIG, sweet and smart. Highly motivated in his training by treats. Sits and comes when called and plays fetch. Plays hard--but then, he's still a pup (not yet one and one-half years-old). Gold Nugget (his XANADU name) is a strong boy and in very good physical condition. He is genetically excellent and very healthy.
Gold Nugget has a four-litter breeding agreement, three of these litters can be satisfied by 3 semen collections, freezing, and storage (XANADU'S expense) at the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital. It is expected that his Breeding Agreement can be satisfied in 2018, when he should be a five-star stud for XANADU.
Please call me if you are interested in this good, big boy. Nugget is $500 and available immediately. Four photos are below showing Nugget with a full coat and with a close haircut. He is NO-Shed Bernedoodle. 
B-1 SHEERA'S LITTER by CEDAR. This litter is sold and is going to new homes on Oct. 13-15. One puppy is flying home and we expect to put this youngster on the plane on Oct. 16th. Pick-up location is to be announced.

B-2--Here's what we have in Puppy Selection for CASHMERE & CEDAR'S LITTER:
  1. XANADU gets Guardian Female UggaMugga--and she is AVAILABLE to a Guardian Home and should have two litters for XANADU. Miss UggaMugga does have blue eyes right now; and we hope they stay that way! UggaMugga is $1250 with a two-litter Breeding Agreement (Please see 3 photos of Miss Ugga attached.) Call me if you are interested in this pretty, blue-eyed girl. Guardian Information is also attached.
  2. Todd gets blond Pickle (all the rest of the pups are wolfy/husky-marked with beautiful masks)
  3. Jason gets the one-and-only male, Bolt.
  4. Jack gets Wishbone.
  5. Robyn, you've got Miss Wolfie
  6. Deborah, you've got Miss Utah.

Cashmere's puppies may be picked up on Oct. 13-15. Some new owners are flying in to pick up their puppies. Puppies will be at XANADU HQ near Ridgway, CO. Please contact XANADU for directions. 
C. ENCHANTE & ELVIS JR'S LITTER of eight-- Two Litter Photos. This is Enchante's 2nd and last litter for XANADU. She is a wonderful, white, soft-coated Goberian girl--great mom--and a super-smart, "thinking" dog who takes initiative -- very good manners, obedient, loving and affectionate, beautiful family dog w/ one blue eye and one light amber eye. This is Elvis Junior's first litter. Elvis is a big, 65-lb. red American Golden Retriever from sound lineages of long-lived, healthy ancestors. There are no known genetic issues in either lineage. Both parents are very affectionate and smart--good family dogs.

All puppies are a shade of cream--a couple with faint white markings, too. It appears that adult sizes will vary, but momma-Enchante' is 40-lb., and Elvis is 65-lb. It's reasonable to expect adult sizes of 50-55 lb.

  • The Guardian Female is AVAILABLE
  • Our second female is sold and will go into service training. (This is a good litter for service dogs.)
  • Five Males are AVAILABLE
  • Deposits & Payments are being accepted.
  • Eye colors are uncertain at this time.

It's impossible to KNOW for sure, but the Guardian female may have two blue eyes. Most pups, however, are expected to be brown-eyed.

This is an F1b litter--Goberian bred to a Golden Retriever (a favorite of mine). We've had other F1b litters of Goberians bred to Golden Retrievers--and the new pup owners and Guardians are amazed and thrilled by the calm personalities and easy trainability. It is harder to get blue eyes in the F1b lineages, but with a few more years...

These puppies look much alike and all F1bs are expected to be savvy, trainable, good dogs, but if you'd like help in selecting for even more specialized personality characteristics, please call me from Oct. 6 and forward. 

D. POMSKY PUPS -- MISHKA'S LITTER by WOLF - Two puppy photos are below. These puppies are SO CUTE. They don't sound like little puppies; their voices are like songbirds. Very sweet and most unusual.

In the first photo, the female is lying on her back. In the second, the female is at the top. And in the third photo, which is an older photo, you can see the facial markings of all three puppies. The female is in the middle in this photo, with two males on either side.

It DOES appear that there could be some blue eyes in this litter, but it's a bit early to tell.
The Guardian puppy has been selected, but it is too soon to tell which pup that may be. In a small litter such as this, there are no Litter Pick pups. The two pups that are not chosen to be the Guardian are Pet Home puppies and priced according to blue or brown eyes; that is,
  • Blue-Eyed Pet Home pups, including bi-eyed puppies, are $2625--no taxes or PayPal fees; we pay those fees.
  • Brown-Eyed Pet Home puppies are $2150 -- total pup price.
  • Two puppies ARE AVAILABLE. Deposits or Payments are being accepted. 
More information coming in our October Pup Alerts. It is a big decision to adopt a new baby; I welcome all of your questions.

My very best,
Sheron Steele & Xanadu Pack o' Pups
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