Xanadu Pup Alert
September 17th, 2018
Email Contact for Inquiries about Pet Home Pups: xanadupack@gmail.com
Guardian Pup Information: 970 708-8030 (sorry, I do not text well; please call) XANADU HQ: 970 626-9747

ALL XANADU Pups are GUARANTEED for Temperament, Genetic Soundness, and Vet-Checked Health.
PUPPY AVAILABILITY: Other than Fyre and Tao's Guardian baby boy, LOBO, who will be available for a new home in October, we do not expect to have pups available in the fall months this year.

Please see BUTTON ATTACHMENTS: Goberian Characteristics & Bernedoodle Characteristics. These attachments and XANADU Breeding Goals will let you know if you want to see XANADU'S Breeding Goals in your new BFF. XANADU'S Mission is the development of the World's Best Family Dog. All XANADU litters are described by their dominant breed inclusions--and Mother Nature selects the gene-stew combos; however, XANADU breeds for dominant and presenting characteristics -- the best, litter by litter. Please note attachment, How to Select a Puppy. With our attachment info. under your belt, you can feel confident selecting a puppy anywhere.

ALL of these litters' pups will be intelligent, attentive, highly-trainable adult dogs. Personalities and characteristics differ in our current litters. But several puppies are expected to be GREAT SERVICE DOG CANDIDATES...and one is expected to be a gorgeous, active, sweet little squirrel.
A. XANADU Potential Sales Information:
XANADU has had four recent inquiries regarding the potential sale of XANADU. I shall be on the eastern slope of Colorado for a week beginning October 1, and hope to arrange appointments to discuss XANADU on the second of Oct.; however, I can be somewhat flexible with personal appointments and other XANADU business, as may be necessary according to prospective purchasers' work schedules. Please note that ALL offers will be seriously considered, the "reasonable" and "creative." If you have not contacted me previously for an appointment and would like to talk with me in person, please call me at XANADU HQ: 970 626-9747 or call my cell (which is acting up right now): 970 708-8030. I'll get that cell looked at for better communication while I am traveling.
SHYLAH AVAILABLE -- advertised as a Guardian male-- blue-eyed and red & white. Shylah is calm, playful, friendly, and beautiful. And here is why you should have a XANADU Guardian Male:
Best pup in the litter!
Cheapest pup in the litter!
Veterinarians recommend neutering after the age of one, because this greatly reduces the possibility of cancer in Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever males (many other breeds, too; research is ongoing).
But at age one, a male can (usually) sire a litter. Males are at their most virile at age 1 1/2 ff. After a couple of natural breedings and semen collections for freezing & storage, your Breeding Agreement with XANADU will be satisfied.
We have Momma-Sheera's genes and Rio Coco's genes in other XANADU Breeding Dogs...but no medium-red & white Goberian studs of our own! If Shylah does not sell quickly as a XANADU Guardian, he will be offered as a beautiful, calm, playful, friendly Litter Pick puppy for a blue-eyed puppy price ($2650).
Two Photos of Shylah Attached.
DOB: June 26, 2018
AVAILABLE for PICK-UP : XANADU HQ in Ridway, CO / Other Arrangements
PRICE: $1150 with Breeding Agreement for four litters
Contact Me for Guardian Information:  (970) 626-9747 or Cell -- (970) 708-8030 (No Texts, Please) 
2. CADENCE'S MINI-BERNEDOODLE X GOBERIAN by Sire, The DURANGO KID. VESPER AVAILABLE -- a true XANADU multigenerational pup. She should be about 35 - 40 lb. as an adult and be lower shed (not completely no- shed). Vesper has ALL of the unique personality characteristics for which XANADU breeds, plus one blue eye. Cadence & Durango's Vesper will have calmer characteristics than other Bernedoodle - cross Litters, mini or standard. This is the last time I shall advertise sweet Vesper, because I'm falling in love with her; she's a keeper. And in a program whose top priority is temperament, that's saying a lot.

DOB: 5/24/18

CLEARANCE SALE PRICE: $750 with Breeding Agreement for 7 puppies, which is usually one litter.
Call me (Sheron) for more information about this dominantly- black female w/ white markings and bi-colored eyes & thick, soft, lower-shed coat: (970) 626-9747 or Cell 970 708-8030. Four Photos Attached.
3. AKC BORDER COLLIE FYRE'S Litter by GOBERIAN TAO tri- color male Guardian (one blue eye at this time and one brown) pup, XANADU'S LOBO, AVAILABLE . This puppy may be the smartest little guy you've ever seen; he may also be one of the busiest and most beautiful. Unlike many of our XANADU pups, Lobo will bark, and he will be a more active puppy. Two Photos Attached of this little guy.

DOB: 8/24/18

AVAILABLE for New Home: Second Week in Oct.
GUARDIAN PRICE: $1250, and if not sold as a Guardian, LOBO will be available as a tri-color w/ blue eyes. That price would be $2650.
Contact Sheron for more information at 970 708-8030 
As soon as we have NEWS or Pup Births, you will receive another Pup Alert Newsletter, but this News & Alert will be the last for a while. You are always welcome to contact XANADU with any questions about your new pup or your XANADU Dog. Thank you for trusting XANADU of the Rockies for your pup adoption, and Happy Indian Summer -- a favorite time of year for so many of us dogs and people!
Always my very best to each one of you,
Sheron Steele & Xanadu of the Rockies
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
Ridgway, CO 81432
Home Phone: 970-626-9747
Cell Phone (no texts):  970-708-8030