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Maintenance free, renewable solutions to maximize battery life & prolong power supply!

Consider adding solar system to your next build, the benefits are manifold - longer electronics & appliance runtime, faster battery recharging and decreased generator runtime. Offer boaters more freedom to explore waters and anchor out for longer periods. Contact us, our engineers can help you customize solar system for your boat. Visit us at METS to learn more about our solar offer.

The Xantrex solar portfolio includes roof mounted panels in rigid and flexible forms and folding portable panels for use in boats where it may be impractical to have a permanently mounted solar panel. The premium peel and stick flexible panels with patented mesh-wire grid technology offer optimized current collection even as cells age. Customize or expand solar system with our expansion kits. Kits come complete with all mounting accessories and hardware including battery cables with built-in fuse.

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Click below to watch Travis Fickett from Mirage Manufacturing, explain why they chose to replace the generator on their TT35 trawler with a Xantrex system that includes Solar panels, charge controller and FREEDOM SW Inverter/Charger.