Tuesday, December 20, 2022
New: Clarification on IHSAA Football Classification Vote
Yesterday, Xavier joined many other high schools in the Archdiocese of Dubuque, voting in favor of a measure allowing reclassification of high school football, factoring socio-economic status into which class a school competes in. Below is the statement which was sent by Xavier and all other high schools in the Archdiocese who voted in favor of this measure. Unfortunately, the full and entire context of this release has not been shared by a few media outlets resulting in confusion. For clarification, here is the context of the IHSAA's proposal and our statement
  • The IHSAA has responded to feedback from member schools around the state to better "level the socio-economic playing field" with respect to success in football with a proposed model (already in use in other states). 
  • This proposal is being voted on by all member schools currently. 
  • Xavier (and many other Catholic schools) voted in favor of the proposal to help provide fair opportunities for all. This proposal was crafted by the Classification Committee within the IHSAA, comprised almost entirely of public school administrators (13 of the 14 committee members serve within Iowa public schools). 
  • We are also hopeful this measure is just the beginning of a movement that continues next legislative session in Iowa. This conversation needs to be extended beyond high school football. If true socio-economic reform for students and families is going to take place, school choice must be further considered to provide true fairness and opportunities for all.

View the full statement issued by Xavier and many Archdiocesan schools yesterday: https://xaviersaints.org/news/xavier-joins-other-catholic-schools-in-favor-of-ihsaa-proposal-1
Reminder: State Football Championship Apparel Pick Up
State football apparel will be in and ready to pick up beginning Tuesday, December 20th, through Wednesday, December 21st in the Activities Office between 7:30am and 3:30pm.
Reminder: State Volleyball Championship Apparel - Due Today
While it may be a bit late, state championship apparel for Xavier Volleyball is now available for online ordering. The online store is now open and will close on December 20, 2022. Orders will be available for pick up in the XHS Activities Office on January 6, 2023. 
Visit the Xavier Volleyball championship store at https://stores.teamelitesports.com/cr_xavier_volleyball/shop/home.
Reminder: Tuition
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