Festive Season Edition
December 2017
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It's that time of year again. The festive season is just around the corner and Summer's here. KRP is open over December and January, we're only closed Xmas day, Boxing day and New Year's day. The clinic diary is always busy this time of year, so to get in before the rush, you can book online here or call 9379 4557 to speak to one of our admin superstars. 

In this edition we look at ways to get in shape for the warmer weather, including our running expert Robbie's 5 tips for committing to a running program. 

John, one of the directors here at the clinic, has volunteered through SOS Health Foundation since the start of the year to provide Physio for the homeless. He shares some of his experiences with us and offers some suggestions about giving a little this Xmas. 

We also travel with our senior therapists to Sydney for Momentum, the Australian Physiotherapy Associations biannual conference. 

Lastly, the Xmas timetable has been finalised for the Exercise Studio. The Spring promotion has been such a huge success we've extended it until the end of Summer, so there's still plenty of time if you want to try a Pilates class for FREE.  

So read on and enjoy! ........Oh and by the way.....don't forget to like us on our Facebook page

Robbies 5 running tips. 

Can you walk or run 5km? What's stopping you?

Robbie Webb, one of KRP's senior Physiotherapists and resident running expert, placed 147th out of 3500 participants in the Melbourne Marathon 10km mid October. So we can guarantee you, he knows what he's talking about. 

Here are his 5 tips  to improve your motivation to run and get fit:
1. Run with a friend or group. You are more likely to turn up when somebody else is depending on you.
2. Avoid monotony by running in a variety of locations.
3. Using a mobile app, such as C25K, as a tracking tool - available for free on both Google Play and Apple stores.
4. Sign up for a running event, such as fun runs or charity walks, which are available all year round.
5. Don't be too competitive. Race against your own personal best time and don't worry about other participants.
If you have any symptoms whilst running or exercising, you may need to simply learn a few stretches or get your runners checked out. Get Physiotherapy advice early to avoid any risk of injury. 

Book online to see Robbie or call 9379 4557 to speak to one of our superstar reception staff.
SOS Health Foundation

John, director here at Keilor Road Physiotherapy has volunteered at the SOS Health Foundation since February this year, providing Physiotherapy for the homeless. We sat down with him briefly to find out what's involved.

Firstly, how did you become involved:
Well, I challenged myself to make a difference this year.  I wanted to explore using my skill set by donating my time and  and learn a little more about myself. SOS made it possible through the probono clinic we run here in the Salvation Army building in Melbourne's CBD. 

What does a typical day look like:
I job share with another Physio, so it's 2 Thursday mornings a month. Otherwise, it's like any other private practice role. For those that have been in to visit me here at KRP, the experience for my homeless patients isn't overly different to be honest, just in a different setting. We ask questions, we assess, treat and plan just like we would with any other patient.

What are some of the challenges:
Our biggest challenge is getting patients for an adequate stretch of time to see them through to 100%. Because the homeless population can live a fairly provisional, transient existence and because they're so heavily influenced by their surroundings, it can be hard to put a treatment plan in place. Health is often also a pretty low priority compared to some of the other things you and I might take for granted - food, shelter, safety to name a few.  

What have you got out of it:
Working with those less fortunate certainly offers perspective. Having their opinions heard, their values and dignity respected and individuality recognized is something that the homeless certainly aren't always used to. So, to be able to offer that is often enough in itself, let alone being able to help them out with any injury worries. I get a chance to tell my terrible jokes too, so we have plenty of laughs. 

If you want to make a difference this festive season, why not try donating to a worthy cause, aimed at brightening up someone's Xmas. Some ideas might include:

Jenny, Robbie and Simone travelled to Sydney in late October for the APA's biannual conference, Momentum. The conference offers a vast number of new and  innovative techniques for both assessment and treatment in a variety of areas of Physiotherapy. 

KRP has always prided itself on using the latest evidence based research to provide the best possible care for our patients and Momentum was a great opportunity for our senior staff to get hands on with some of the best in the biz. 

To learn a little bit more about our highly skilled therapists you can visit our profiles page on the website.  Alternatively book online here or call 9379 4557 to speak to one of our exceptional admin staff. 
Xmas in the Exercise Studio

The Exercise Studio has a revised timetable over the festive season, to accommodate the holidays. You can view the changes on our website. There's still plenty to choose from, with classes still running most days, to stay in shape over the lead up to the New Year.

The regular timetable resumes as  normal  on Monday, 8th of January 2018. 
Get in early to ensure that your are booked into your class this holiday season. Additionally, make sure that you book in advance, so that you secure the class and time-slot that best suits you for the New Year. If you're new to the practice, don't forget to mention this newsletter to receive a FREE class of your choosing. 
You can book online, with the booking gateway optimised for mobile use. It's all just one click away. Alternatively, call 9379 4557 to speak to one of our lovely reception staff to organise your class bookings.

Keilor Road Physiotherapy is a boutique, state of the art Physiotherapy practice that has excelled in this community for many years. We look forward to continuing this excellence and we wish you and yours a very happy holiday season. See you in 2018. 



John & Jenny.

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