Please make sure to order all sparring equipment through Xtreme Ninja Martial Arts per our insurance policy. You can order all gear directly through the MyStudio App in the retail tab.

Karate students will need: Head guard with face shield, sparring gloves, sparring boots, chest protector, mouth guard and boys need a cup.

Muay Thai students will need: Head guard with cheek/chin coverage, chest protector, boxing gloves, shin-instep guards, mouthguard and boys need a cup.

Please also make sure your child arrives in uniform for class. Students may wear an Xtreme Ninja t-shirt during summer months with gi pants or Xtreme Ninja shorts. You can review gear requirements in the online student handbook. This will help ensure safety for your child and consistency for the class and instructors.

Thank you for your cooperation,

The Xtreme Ninja Family