Thank you for taking the time to learn about Yorkville CUSD 115's educational program by reading this newsletter. I look forward to updating you monthly on the learning and instruction occurring in the district, including curriculum updates, parent and student resources, and school improvement plans. Please read the briefs below for this important information, and reach out to me with any questions at 630-553-4382 or .

Dr. Nick Baughman
Associate Superintendent for Learning & Instruction
Learning & Grading Plan
The 2018-19 school year marks the second full year of the Yorkville CUSD 115 Learning and Grading Plan , which outlines the learning, grading, and assessment in the district. The goal of the plan is to create opportunities for students to grow into adaptive and analytical thinkers by mastering and developing a solid understanding of the content.

In order to achieve this goal, educators, students, and parents must work together through every stage of the learning process. Educators will set high expectations and provide ongoing feedback to students and parents in order to foster student growth, as well as provide students multiple opportunities to show their learning. Students will understand and progress toward mastery of the learning standards by setting individual goals for each subject and demonstrate self-advocacy by initiating communication with teachers and parents. In addition, parents will encourage and model the skills of a lifelong learner, as well as help develop student awareness of educational expectations, and support teachers in order to achieve those expectations. By working together, all students in Yorkville CUSD 115 will have endless opportunities for success in their education and beyond.

Student Assessments
District 115 uses a variety of state and local assessments to gather information about the learning strengths and needs of each student. Different assessments are offered to specified grade levels at designated times during the school year. The information that these assessments provide is one of the cornerstones of how student progress and school improvement are monitored.

Parents of K-8 students may review the 2018 Assessment News to learn more about the district and state standardized tests that students may take during the fall semester. To learn more about all K-12 assessments used in District 115, visit
One-Device : One-Student Technology
As part of the district's plan to increase digital literacy, personalize learning, and connect students to the skills they’ll need in a highly technological workplace, the district adopted a one-device-to-one-student technology initiative in grades 4-12 and a series of technology-exploration programs for students in kindergarten through third-grade.

Students in grades 7-12 received a Chromebook to use both inside their classrooms and at home, while students in grades 4-5 use their Chromebooks only while at school. Sixth-grade students will join this initiative next school year. To organize and engage students online, Google Classroom (K-6) and Canvas (7-12) are used. Each platform allows students to discuss, collaborate, and submit work online, while following the learning path their teachers created.

The district employs safety filters and monitors digital content on the devices to help keep students safe while working with technology. 

Student tutorials for Google Classroom , Canvas , Flipgrid , Nearpod , and Seesaw walk students through a few of the most common digital resources used in District 115 classrooms. 
Blended Learning Opportunities
The 2018-19 school year marks the third year of blended courses at Yorkville High School (YHS) and the first year at Yorkville Middle School (YMS).

Blended courses allow teachers to build a flexible schedule to offer students “anytime/anyplace” learning opportunities. Classes meet together in a traditional setting 60-70 percent of the time, while focusing on either independent or collaborative, project-based work during the remaining 30-40 percent of the time. On “blended” days, students do their school work using their Chromebooks outside of the classroom setting, such as in the school library, commons areas, or off-campus (grades 10-12 only). Teachers in blended classes design course material on Canvas , a learning management system used by students in grades 7-12.

YHS students have blended opportunities in the areas of English, history, art, physical education, and computer and technical education; and YMS students are offered health and social studies blended courses.