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May 6-9


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Summer Partnerships Coming Soon

In today's economy it is harder than ever to break into a company and obtain that first job. Internships and real world experience are key to setting candidates above the competition. Details on each summer partnership are available at

 where you can also submit your application.
YE Academy
YE Academy rewards students and alumni for staying involved in YE. Current students and alumni ages 22 or younger may earn points for attending YE events, completing surveys, writing essays and championing Youth Entrepreneurs' cause.  

Points are rewarded with venture capital for higher education or starting your own business. Visit our website to learn more.

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Spring Break Academy 2013

What do music, peanuts and the projects of New York have to do with Economic Freedom? The Spring Break Academy will focus on topics in entrepreneurship, economics, government, hip hop, freedom and liberty. This three day academy offers YE students and alumni the opportunity to discuss these topics with peers and learn from authorities in their fields.


March 18-20, 2013 | 9am - 2pm | Lunch provided

Kansas City Kansas Public Schools Training Center Office,

2010 N. 59th St. Kansas City, KS 66104

More Information Available Online


Speakers & Topics Include:

Jon Bachura

     Entrepreneurology: Dissecting the Entrepreneurial Mindset

     Economic Freedom 101

Vernon Birmingham

     Economic Freedom 101

     Freedom to Economic Freedom: George Washington Carver

Scott Brown

     Economic State of Mind

Bob Ewing

     The Role of Private Property

     Making a Difference in The World

Brandon Loran Maxwell

      Free Markets and Hip Hop

Dr. Gregory Schneider

     The Rise of The Regulatory State

     Is Economic Regulation the Culprit of Economic Demise? Or Government?



YE students and alumni like yourself are invited from all over the region however transportation and lodging are not available. RSVP online before March 18.


Spring Break Academy is a Learning Academy. You must participate in one of the Learning Academies to be eligible to cash out your YE Academy points on March 31, 2013.


YE Academy Points: 162 points available

Join us for Biz Connect!

Don't forget to sign up for one or both of the upcoming Biz Connect events! These fun educational events include an entrepreneurial speaker and allow attendees to network with Youth Entrepreneurs students, alumni, staff, volunteers and business professionals. Wichita continues the tradition, and Kansas City will enjoy its first-ever Biz Connect.

Kansas City Biz Connect 
Thursday, March 14 at 6 p.m.
Kauffman Foundation  
Featuring James Anderson, 
Owner of James Lemonade 


Wichita Biz Connect 
ABODE Venue 

Wednesday, April 3at 5:30 p.m.
Featuring Drs. Josh Umbehr and Doug Nunamaker,
Founders of Atlas MD.


Both the Kansas City and Wichita events are free and open to the public. However, we ask that you register here for the event so we'll have a good idea of how many people will attend.

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