Dear Friends of YEP,

Over the past few months Youth Engaged in Philanthropy has been doing a lot, including preparing for our new grant cycle. We have been very busy and have accomplished much. To start, we welcomed our new members to the group over the summer to include students from six area high schools. 

2016-2017 YEP Members

Also, over the summer, five veteran members from YEP traveled to Central Michigan University to the Council of Michigan Foundation's annual Youth Grantmakers Summer Leadership Conference. There they attended sessions where they discussed ways YEP members can 'find their voice' to be more effective in our community.

YEP members listening to a presenter at the Michigan conference

We also had a veteran member, who was a part of Youth Philanthropy Connect (YPC), travel to Anaheim, California to present at one of their conferences. While this veteran YEP member has since graduated, we have a new member of YEP who has joined YPC to share about youth philanthropy programs nationwide. In addition to all of these things, YEP also 

YEP members participating in a team trust activity

participated in a team building challenge course at Timber Pointe Outdoor Center this past August. There the veteran members got to connect with the new group members and learn important skills and lessons, helping everyone to work as a team.

YEP has also made a significant change to the grant cycle. In past years we have completed our grant cycle in the Spring, but this year we have changed it to the Fall. This change will allow for us to make our decisions and be able to discuss all of the great organizations earlier in the year. We are very excited about this change and hope it will be beneficial for everyone. Since this year of YEP has started, we have had many amazing speakers come present to our group such as: two members of the Foundation Board of Directors, James Runyon of Easter Seals, Katherine Scott of YPC and Sandy McGhee, a founding member of YEP.

All of us in YEP are looking forward to this grant cycle and what the rest of this year has to offer for us!

Youth Engaged in Philanthropy

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